what does your school do with asthma?


my sons school know he is asthmatic, he has a full care plan done by school nurse, they have his inhalers in the classroom etc and the teachers and TA's are ""first aid trained""!!!

well, everytime son has had an asthma attack at school (4 since sept) they have given him his inhalers and let him sit quietly for half hr or so AND THEN rung me to say he has had an asthma attack and can i go and fetch him as he stills feels wheezy/chesty! he is missing out on sooo much school it is ridiculous.

everytime he has had an attack (at home or school) he has ended up off school for a week with a chest infection/croup etc - the attack is the 1st sign of an underlying problem.

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  • At my Ryan's school all the staff are first aid trained and Ryan's class teacher gets weekly up-dates from ever me or my hubbie on what treatment plan we are on this week for Ryan. We have 3 plans for in school and they are different coloured paper. It is like the traffic lights, plan 1 is on green paper and is the plan for when he is having a brilliant time with his asthma so only requires the blue inhaler when required. Plan 2 which is the plan we have been on all winter is on Orange paper and is for the winter period and when he isn't feeling hiself for some reason or another and finally plan 3 is on red paper which is for when is his asthma is not so well controlled, he has an infection or virus. We also explain why he is on either plan 2 or 3 and when he is on plan 3 he also doesn't go out to play when it is cold but again we tell the class teacher if this is needed to happen. His teachers are better than they used to be know before they would give him his inhaler and leave him and we only found out from Ryan about the attack but know they inform my hubbie while he is in the attack as he is a TA in the school and if the inhalers don't appear to be working they ask him for advice on weither they should call and ambulance or not most of the time hubbie will go and take a look at him and start our home plan with him and see if that works and if that doesn't work then he says OK we need an ambulance but while we are waiting I will take over and deal with the other steps you can't deal with until you have been trained properly. Both me and hubbie have been on a course that our Ped sent us on and we can start the treatment that the paramedics would do with him until they get to him. I am hoping that the whole school will soon be trained more in dealing with asthma as I know that just in my son's class there are 3 children with cronic asthma

  • Hi, it's best to be safe than sorry, my Sons school nebulised my Son again last week and I only found out today, they should have called an ambulance and me but that never happened. Luckily it was the end of the school day (20 mins before end of school)and the teacher told me had a attack but not how bad it had been until today. My Son has missed months of school at a time, but the risk of staying at school when he is ill is too great.

    I know it's a pain but I'm glad your Sons school is being cautious. I hope things improve for you soon


  • Asthma in Schools

    I was shocked and saddened to hear of the recent death of a child in school from asthma. My daughter suffers with the condition and I have just recently been diagnosed with it. I feel whats needed in schools is EDUCATING ABOUT GENERAL CHILDHOOD CONDITONS SUCH AS ASTHMA AND EZCEMA. THE STAFF NEED TO BE AWARE OF HOW TO DEAL WITH THESE CONDITIONS SO ANOTHER TRADGEDY CAN BE AVOIDED. I know only to well of the blaze and downright critical view of a child with these conditions and in my opionion something need to be done sooner rather than later. Im well aware teachers arnt trained nurses but they need to be able to do general first aid surely to god ressuication, and how to deal with a child in school if god forbid they had an astma attack. You think your child is in good hands when you drop them off at the school gates but ask yourselfs this HOW WUD U FEEL IF THEY WENT TO SCHOOL PERFECTLY HEALTHY HAD AN ASTMA ASTHMA ATTACK IN SCHOOL AND BECAUSE OF THE INCOMPENTANT TEACHERS THEY DIED. CUM ON PARENTS ALL STAND TOGEATHER AND SHOUT WE WONT LET THIS HAPPEN EVER EVER EVER EVER AGAIN. :-(

  • The problem is asthma is seen as a mild condition which is magically solved by a blue inhaler. The only way to solve this is a national campaign, lone parents nagging teachers just doesn't seem to cut it. I know this from experience, I have kept my Son off for months at a time as I have not been able to trust teachers in the past. Things have improved this year, my Son has severe attacks weekly and often needs the neb. My husband and I signed a form stating that we give permission for staff to give meds when needed and I have been told they cannot administer meds, went down whole duty of care speech. I explained I will never sue if you tried but will do if I hear you just stood there and watched. I think that helped. Things have changed for us as a local man died a few weeks back because of lack of understanding about asthma. It was on all across local press, also about Sam Linton,loads of people have been asking me about our experiences, a first in 40 years of dealing with asthma, says a lot really. My heart goes out to those families.


  • schools

    Ask your school what there policy is on inhalers! A boy died because of a school, my son could have died a few times because of a school refusing his inhalers and him ending up in hospital on oxygen treatment, As a governor I've been informed that now OFSTED are coming down strong demanding medications being locked away, where does this stand on inhalers?? We need to protect our children!

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