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Sleeping Help


New here, our nearly 7 month old girl has trouble sleeping, we want to know if it relates to the asthma or is she playing up. She won’t sleep in her bed much, but sleeps fine in her bouncer chair or well most the time. When she’s on her back at night she’s restless, cries, moves on to her side and wakes each time we put her down. Seems to breathe faster and take big breaths and pauses sometimes.

She wants to sleep as when we pick her up she goes back to sleep easy.

Do you think she’s playing us up or?


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Just a thought but has she got reflux? That would account for restlessness when led down as the acid would rise up and be painful. It would also be alot more comfortable led upright, for example in a bouncy chair. Reflux can apparently cause shortness of breath and asthma type symptoms too. Has she been diagnosed with Asthma??

Sorry a fleeting visit..


Welcome to the forum xxx

I dont have children with asthma just me with it.

Hope some one comes along soon to help you and

the asthma nurse on here is lovely and number at top of page.

I know I sleep better propped up a bit and funny thing i do some times is sleep down the

end of the bed so dont have a wall behind my head.

good luck and welcome again to the forum ,youwill male lots of friends on here to support you .

love glynis xxxx


Hi Yeah shes been diagnosed with Asthma and she did sleep trough up until a couple of days ago when we stoped her blue inhaler after being told to by the consulant.


Hi Mrsboyle and welcome to the forum. As emily says it could be reflux. My teenage son had bad reflux as a baby (also asthma) and it was impossible to settle him at night sometimes. We were up and down all night trying to soothe him.

It could also be asthma of course. Maybe she's struggling if she's been taken off her inhaler recently. The best thing to do is take her back to the doctor. Sorry I cant be more helpful but I hope things improve for you.


oh bless her, as Angievere said, its probably got something to do with her coming off her blue inhaler. Id definately take a trip to your gp.

Sounds like youre having a rough ride. Hope she improves soon.

Lots of love. x


Its difficult finding out if shes teething the asthma or just unwell.

she sleeps okayish in the day.


My 2 sons have athsma and both were not good at sleeping at night as babies. When my eldest got his first blue inhaler at ten months old he slept 12 hours a night. Don't know if it was coincidence or the inhaler? Probably best to check with doc x


Hi, just wondered how your little girl is now? Did you take her to the gp and if so, what did they say?

Hope you are all ok.

Love from Emily. X


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