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My son's teeth (he's 3) are terrible - we've just been referred to a different dentist as he's likely to need filings if not extractions!!!! (eek).

My dentist said that it's due to incorrectly formed enamel and the medicaitons he's been on - lots of anti biotics as a baby and asthma meds on and off until about 2 1/2 then daily asthma meds.

Obviously i've explained that his teeth altough important have to take a back seat to his asthma and that he has to have asthma medication but i don't really want or need the additional stress of extra and extended dental visists.

Are anyone elses little ones (or themselves) teeth affected or are we just unlucky!!!

Poor little mite - he's already feeling quite got at. What with the additional jabs - holidays at NHS's finest hotels oh and the frequent flyer status at the GP's!!!


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Hi my daughter is 9 - and has been on inhalers since she was 18mths. She has had problems with her teeth - especially her baby teeth. I was told to make sure that she rinsed her mouth after taking her inhalers, but I'm not sure if that just related to the steroid etc. I never got her up in the middle of the night to rinse when she had ventolin!! Our dentist was quite sympathetic but couldn't really give me any other advice. Her adult teeth have seemed to stand up a bit better, although I don't know if that's just a coincidence!!! Sorry I can't be more help. Tina


hi Tina

thanks for that - it's good to know that it's not just us!!!! Dentist has him on fluride - in hope of strengthing his 2nd teeth - unfortunately he's inherited dodgy teeth from his dad's side (from mine he's inherited tongue tie - allergies - oh and dicky feet!!!!)

Just hoping that he doesn't have to have any taken out - we've been referred to a specialist dentist so i'll know more then.

I try to give him his meds before cleaning his teeth - but obviosly that's not always possible and as you say you're not going to get them up cleaning teeth in the middle of the night!!!!

Anyway - cheers for that and i'm glad you daughter's second teeth are stronger. I'm hoping for the same



Hi - thought I would reply to your last message to ask a question!!! Does your son's tongue tie affect his speech / make him speak in a nasal voice??? My son (who is 4 is dec) has had problems with his breathing and was hospitalised in march for an asthma attack, but as it was his first and he has managed ok on occasional ventolin before and after that they haven't given him a preventer. He also has a tongue tie and severe speech problems (may or may not be the tongue tie!) He always sounds full of mucus and coughs occasionally (but most days) NOT at night and not a dry cough. I was wondering about rhinitus (my daughter has the lot - rhinitus/excema/asthma) or maybe its nothing!!!! .... so I just wondered if maybe the nasal speech could be a tongue-tie thing??


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