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At my wits end


I have a 2 year old daughter called Kyra, she has had a nasty cough since she was 9 months old, which causes her to vomit ALOT.

After many trips to the doctor and many anti biotics she was finally diagnosed in december 2008 with asthma.

She had previously been given a preventer and reliever ilhaler which worked very well until a 5 days ago when the cough, yet again, became out of control.

Kyra gets her inhaler as prescribed but its just not helping her just now and the coughing is so bad she is up most of the night vomiting and crying........

She also attends a nursery but sadly everytime she vommits as a result of the cough,m she is sent home and cannot return for a further 48 hours....

Some days i find Kyra wont even walk her cough is that bad, and i end up having to carry her around. She struggles to go outside as this also aggrivates her cough.

Im at my wits end here and i just dont know what to do and how to help her.

I spend my evenings mopping up vomit, comforting my daughter and trying to keep it together myself (I dont keep well...) and with a one year old on the go im really struggling.

How can i help my daughter? Is another trip to the doctors needed and how could they help her?

I have tried air purifiers and humidifiers but they dont always seem to help either, not to mention im fast runnning out of clean blankets for Kyra's bed.

I have also heard that she may be entitled to a care component of DLA? is this true?

Anyway, any advice would be VERY VERY much appreciated.



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Hi my 2 year has asthmas too. It sounds as if you need to get her to the doctors/asthma clinic. Hope you get her better xxxxxxxx


Hi, I to have a 2 year old daughter, Rosie, with asthma and I really understand what you are going through, I am writing this at nearly midnight having mopped up the latest episode of sick as we currently ahve a chest infection!

You don't say what you are doing with your daughters medication but when we start to think Rosie is coming down with something we double up her preventer and I give two puffs of ventolin before the preventer to open up the airways a bit to help the preventer get into her lungs. I think you should definatly go back to your GP, if you don't have any luck then push to be referred. We see a pediatrician at our local hospital and even when they diagnosed Rosie I still had to push my GP to prescribe antibiotics at the first sign of a chest rattle as you know how it will end up! Good luck, really push, your daughter is worth it!


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