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going around in circles with 3year olds asthma

hey all , iv posted a few times on this but still got the same problem and its starting to really frustrate me now, iv got a 3 year old with asthma had it for about 2 years now maybe 3 its been well controled but since the asthma nurse put his beclometasone up to 4puffs twice a day once in morning and once at night, now my promblem began when they incresed this, he doesnt stop coughing through the nights again,it always happens from roughly 1am up till 5 maybe 6 am, he had this cough wen he first got diagnosed with asthma but its back again now but they say down clinic his chest is ok, i got a 5 year old son and he is fine, its gettin frustrating now cause he coughs and i cant help him and not always his blue pump helps, but its keeping me awake plus him and making him tired, he got clininc thursday again, is there any thing im doing wrong , or does he need stronger pumps cause it feels as if im going around in circles.

alll relplys would be truly helpfull

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the only thing i can say is to keep going back to the nurse until you are happy.if your not happy ask to see a gp.



Your best bet is to go back to the clinic. The cough at night suggests his asthma is not controlled, so its worth pursuing.

If its the same nurse, then say you're not happy with his level of symptoms and you know he can be better - what else can be done?

If its a diufferent one, explain what has happened so far, and then ask the same thing...

Things to consider are is he getting the meds properly - I presume you are using a spacer - if so is it a mask/mouthpiece, and how old is it - would changing that help?

it may be that they can change his meds or may be a short dose of oral steroids might do the trick.

Good luck and don't give up!



hi there,

I totally understand what you are going through... it was like reading about our own lives. My 3 year old is on Becotide, 2 puffs morn & eve and every couple of weeks or so he goes through bouts of night coughing (in-between colds with day time asthma trouble). Just like your son it's also non-stop pretty much from 1am til 5am. We have spent the last 3 nights getting up to him throughout the whole night giving him his ventolin which doesn't seem to really stop the coughing for any good length of time. We are all so tired. I am so new to this asthma stuff that I have been assuming that his asthma is still under control because he's taking all his prescribed meds but now after reading your posts and the replies I wonder if perhaps it's not under control. The docs and asthma nurse also say that his chest is clear so is it still asthma or something else? So confused. I really hope you find some answers and that you get some sleep. I know what you are going through but sorry I don't really have any answers.


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