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sorry me whinging again. son got to see a consultant for scolios, but I think we were in the room about 5 mins altogether, I was expecting to be in there ages. The consultant barely examined him him, and said he didnt think his spine was too bad, and told us to come back for a scan. I was pleased he said, that he thought Christophers spine wasn't too bad, but blimey, expected him to thoroughly examine him at least, instead of looking at him for five seconds. I couldnt believe it Iv'e worried so much about this, and feel like we are ruddy time wasters.

I mean how can one consultant say he has scoliosis, with proof from xrays, and another say couldnt see much of a problem.

Well hopefully scan will be of some use, and find out why he is in so mush pain with his back. Sorry for moaning just fed up with the constant problems, nothing ever easy.

thanks Shelly

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Hi Matty is off to osteo again on Tuesday, was total waste of time last time.We take him to the chiropractor to get straightened but have left it this time so the specialist can see how badly deformed his ribs are and the true state of his spine.Was told last time was ok but hospital doc is not happy and said there could be major problems when hitting puberty, Matty is 10 and just started puberty so I'm worried.Last time was more interested in my deafness which didn't really help Matty.Do know how you feel, go back to other con and tell them how you feel about it, I shall if we get no help on Tuesday. I've got my lung function tests just before Matty's appointment and I'm in hospital for treatment tomorrow too, shall be sick of the place.At least its free

Take care

Kate x



Thanks Kate for replying again.

My son Chrissy is 13 but has a delayed puberty, something to think about, for the future, about whether it will make his back probs worse.. The trouble is when kids get older they like to cover up, so u dont get to see them with their top off much. Chrissy gets annoyed when we ask to see his chest or back, (teenage issues i think lol)

Anyway go bak to first consultant in September so will hav a word with him about, what the back consultant said.

Sorry to hear u have deafness problems, my daughter is deaf and I know it makes life very hard. Hope all goes well for you, with your treatments, and hope all well for your family.

And for the cost of things thank god for the NHS, cos all the kid's, meds we get and hearing aids, and equipment, there is no way we could afford to pay for them. I do a prepaid yearly payment for mine, and thankfully hubby is quite healthy, so doesn't need any. long may that last lol. Take care shelly


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