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Peak Flows - Need Help

I need some help my daughter sarah had her first visit at the resp clinic and was told by the doctor that i need to do a peak flow diary and get a base line of when she is well. Her best peak flow was at the hospital and her result was 235 now at home the best she can do is 200 and we go as low as 150. I dont understand what to do or just mark down the results she gets and let them decide. She is coughing a lot which is her asthma cough both hospital and doctors surgery have confirmed that.

Any advice will be gratefully received as i am at a loss of what to do.

Thank you


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I think it sounds like the respiratory consultant just wants you to keep a peak flow diary so that s/he can look at it at your next appointment. I would just keep on keeping the diary.

But in the meantime, if you feel that your daughter's asthma is becoming less well controlled, you MUST see the GP or the asthma nurse.

Hope your next appointment with the cons is soon, and then you can discuss your anxieties with him / her.

Best of luck.




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