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Help - four year old with persistent cough

I wonder if anyone can help - my son is 4 and has a terrible cough - much worse at night. At two he had bronculitus (sorry for the spelling) and a collaped lung. Since then he was had a cough that comes and goes throughout the year. He is on a orange, blue and white inhaler. Plus steriod tables when he takes 3 over a 4 day period. The tables do stop the cough but as soon as he stops taking them the cough comes back.

We are waiting for a consultants appointment but I am at my wits end

any advice? Oh he has been tested for allergys and come back negative

sorry if this is abrupt and does not make sense i am very tired


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forgot to say first constulant we saw diagnosed my son with a multi trigger wheeze!! How useful is that!



you can try placing a half full bowl of water on top of a radiator/ heater in his bedroom at nite. this humidifies the air and i find this makes me cough less....



I've sent you a PM hope the advice I've learned recently helps


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