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How long can this go on?! Ranting:~(

We've now had more than a month battling to restore some level of control to dd's asthma and I'm wondering just how long the situation can continue?!

Since Monday she's been on serevent (2 twice daily), clenil 50 (4 twice daily) and 2 ventolin four hourly which I thought (the triumph of hope over experience perhaps?) might nail it and we could get back to some semblence of normality. But, already today we've had two asthma attacks and it's not even lunch time.

We're back to the doctors this afternoon as my feeling is she has a chest infection brewing as her peak flow is down from 310 to 270 and I got my butt kicked by a gp a couple of weeks ago for praising the 270 she got then as being good when it apparently wasn't. Assuming I'm right and it is another chest infection that will be three courses of antibiotics in a spit under four weeks!

We continue to battle on and I know we won't be beaten but this but, oh, how I yearn to be able to stop worrying and for for her to feel happy and normal again:~(

Sorry to be such a whinge bag.


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Hi Jacqui,

Please dont think you are ranting, you are a concerned mother and although I dont have any answers for you I can understand, I am going through something similar, after collapsing last month I am on my 3rd lot of anti-biotics and steroids as well as doubled inhailers, but I guess as an adult we can see things differently as we can seeing our children suffer.

Dont know what to say that will help your situtaion apart from hang on in there, you seem to care enough to not let the dr's fob you off and thats all that counts, keep going and I hope things improve v soon.




Thanks Snowy. More antibiotics because yes, she has yet another chest infection. She blew 350 on the peak flow monitor at the surgery, as opposed to the 270 she gets at home, prompting the doctor say ""peak flow readings are neither here nor there"" which makes me wonder why we bother doing the darn things:~/

I'm so fed up of this and can't imagine how she's feeling. We've got an asthma review appointment with the nurse early part of next week which I had thought it safe to cancel but I won't now. I need a proper written care plan (or whatever they call it) so I know what I'm doing instead of blustering my way through the situation on nothing more than common sense and instinct.

It must end. It has to end. But please let it be sooner rather than later!!


It's so frustrating, one step forward and 2 back. It has to end some when. Trouble is when they get run down it takes months to get them back to a healthy state. I did every thing by the book for my kids, ate well in pregnancy,breastfed, organic home cooked food and still we have problems. Some things you just aint gonna win.

Make sure you look after yourself too!I've been on high dose antibiotics for over 2 years, and have other problems caused by the stress of caring for a sick child.It's nearly killed me too!My eldest has had depression from watching his brother suffer, it breaks his heart.

Just keep going back every time you are not happy and don't be afraid to ask the doctor for help, tell them when you feel enough is enough, put ideas in their head. I suggested a specialist, well I said ""do you think....

Hang on in there,it has to get better.

In the words of the hairy bikers ""Mum knows best""

Now go cook up a storm!!

Take care



Hiya Jacquimac, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug! Flippin eck, you must be exhausted. Have you thought about asking the nurse to refer you to a specialist? xx


Thanks peeps. Given that she still can't climb the stairs without getting severely out of breath and the doctor warned us that the antibiotic she's now on can cause diarrhea (sp?) I'm intrigued to see how the week is going to progress from here. Gotta laugh, haven't you?

She's got a friends birthday party at the weekend at a gym where they have trampolines, sponge pits, balance beams and other sports equipment for the children to wear themselves out on. So, that should be fun!! Thankfully I'm needed as an extra pair of adult hands so I don't have to feel as though I'm an over anxious mum lurking;o)


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