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I have just joined today - thought i would introduce myself. I have 2 chldren with asthma (age nearly 11 and nearly 2) and i have athma my self. My little son has been having a really hard time recently and i get a little scared sometimes. My Daughter and myself are pretty much controlled.

My little boy is now on 4 inhalers plus tablets and steriods. He seems to be a little more stable now so fingers crossed he stays that way.

I am hoping to find a few friends to talk things through with - please

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Hello Biobits

Welcome to AUK, I am sure that you will not only find this site helpful and a support but also make lots of really good friends, I am sorry to hear that your little one has been having such a time of it but happy that both your daughter and you are better controlled.

You are almost always likely to find one or more of us here .... seeking or giving advice any time of day or night !

Just wanted to say Welcome and hope you all keep well!

Hugs and Love from the Orkney Isles !




hi welcome i have one son who is 4yrs old,he has had asthma since about 5mths old.i'm sorry to hear your son is having a bad time.feel free to send me a message anytime if you want to chat i willl try and help if i can.take care tys mum


Hi I'm a mum to 2 asthmatic boys 11 and 8. I'm sorry to hear your Sons having a bad time. My youngest is the same and has been on loads of treatment since he was 18 months.My eldest and me are like your Daughter we don't really have that much of a problem, well controlled. My youngest has just been referred to Southampton to see a specialist. I've had trouble with people treating asthma seriously especially friends, they just say he'll grow out of it!! I hope you have lots of support from friends and family, that really helps. I've found this forum fantastic and it gave me the strength to get more help hence the visit 80 miles away to see a specialist at last, yippee. I might get some sleep now! Take care



Hi welcome to Auk. I am mildly asthmatic but my son aged 12 is at the severe end. He has had breathing problems since birth and has been under the care of a specialist resp team since he was 3. There are many of us who understand the worry when your little one is struggling and the the fustration and upset when noone seems to have the answers.

I hope you can find the support here you are looking for.



hi there, just thought i would message to say i'm also having a hard time coping. my son quinn is 15 months and is a diagnosed brittle astmatic. He is unwell everyday and his asthma controls his life and mine. i have just had a spell of about four weeks with only 2 hospital admissions which is amazing. quinns development has been severly delay because of his asthma. i'm coming to terms with it better now. he is still so happy all the time, if he can cope then i have to. There is no one in either side of the family with asthma so it was a big shock. i have also been awarded DLA for quinn which helps a bit!

i really hope your little one is doing well, message me anytime if you want a chat!



hi im tina im a first time mummy to 9month old liam,, me and my patner just found this site our son is 9months old and hes been diognosed with asthma it scears me stupid and he hates the inhaler hes got the yellow spacer (tunnel) its afull putting him throw this hes got to have his inhaler 4 times a day then any other time he needs it ,,tina carl and baby liam


hi im new to asthma and think thats wat scearing me, im hopeing to find a few new friends and avise xtina n baby liam ,


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