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Avamys - use in 3-4yr old

Hello all, has anyone got any experience of using avamys in a young child? the doc's prescribed it for my little boy's hayfever and he's only 3 (nearly 4). Felt ok at first but feeling a bit wobbly because as per usual the safety proflie's not well understood in someone so young etc.. Just get a bit nervous about adverse events whenever he starts something new x

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Hi there, my three year old (3 and 2 months) is on avamys at the moment as he's highly allergic to tree pollen and it triggers bad asthma probs. Had same concerns after reading guidelines with medicine. I've been assured by sons specialist that it's the best one for him to take - some trials have included children 1 yr and above - think in the states. Just have to trust they know what they're talking about - our alternative is mad dashes to a & e so I'm just grateful they are getting him on right medicines to keep him well. Seems to be working so far - but silver birch pollen only justing starting to get high levels now. All the best with your little boy.


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