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new to the A team !

Hello . I am not new to Asthma but after lurking decided to sign up . My son is 7 and has viral induced problems having just had his 9th admission, not a lot by t he boards I know but enough to se nd me over the edge. I have experienced tight chests and coughs in past but have now ended up on inhalers myself now but no official diagnosis.

My son is non wheezer and that causes problems.

Now I am on salbutamol and hoping the boundless hyper behaviour my son displays when on it kicks in and I will skip around like a kid at a birthday party

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Hi My Son who's 10 in three weeks has the same problem, viral also excitement and exercise and is a non wheezer. This too has sent me over the edge and I started on a preventer in December for the first time (been on salbutamol long time) I would love the energy too,but no such luck.Just hope he keeps well for his Birthday.

Take care



I'm also new to this site

Hi there,

I am also new to this site, but unfortunateky not to asthma. My daughter is 6, and has suffered with asthma since recovering from pneumonia at 9 months old. Problem is it has never really been under control! She has been on numerous amounts of oral steroid, inhaled steroids, singular etc. and she seems to plateau in the summer months and be quite settled on the medication she is on and then in the winter the doses have to be constantly increased, and once on the high dose, if it is reduced at all, even inthe summer months her asthma deteriorates. Problem is she is a very active girl and loves her dancing, and swimming, but have even had a gp tell me she shouldn't be doing any such activities, because of her asthma!! I couldn't believe it - she hates it when her asthma means she cannot do what she loves - and to be honest so do I!!! I don't believe that it should stop her, as if it was well controlled, it wouldn't.

Today, the consultant has added in uniphyllin to her current medications, as she is so tight chested all the time! Don't know if anyone else has had this!?! If so how did you find it? Any side effects? did it help at all? - just had trouble with mastering swallowing tablets - hopefully that will improve or they will have to give her the capsules, so I can break them open! Am hoping that it will be the miracle cure that we are looking for!

If anyone could offer advice it would be fantastic, as it can be very lonely being a carer for a child with severe asthma as people don't seem to fully understand how severe it can be!


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