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Chickenpox Vaccination


Has anyone had there asthmatic children have this?

My daughter is two and not yet had chickenpox, she is having a very bad wnter so far and am wonderign if I should ask my GP about the possibilty of getting this vaccination. I'm just worried if she gets it we'll probably just end up in hospitol with her asthma!

I don't even know if we can get or if i'd have to pay, just looking for some feedback really.

Thanks Claireb

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hi there

I have never had chicken pox and never had mumps or measles. I have been on long term pred for years and it was only when i came in contact with someone who had chickenpox that i was given the vaccine so that it didnt give me complications this was only after they did antibody tests and the likes to see if i was at risk or not. Its not easy to get the vaccine in my experience and its not routinely offered.

I wish you luck with this and hope your little one gets better soon and stays well. Take care lv kat Xx



I discussed this with my daughter's consultant the other week as she had recently had a course of oral steroids. He advised me that if she develops chicken pox while taking oral steroids then to contact my GP regarding the vaccine, otherwise for a short course(less than a month) she should be okay. without the vaccine. However, when I lived abroad it was routinely offered to all children but I declined to have her vaccinated at the time. Hope your daughter gets better soon.


Hi, I just wanted to say that my boys are just getting over chickenpox, and are fine! The eldest had it first and only has mild asthma, his younger sibling came out in spots 2 weeks later, they had both had a bad cold and one of them was on a 6 day course of steroids for the asthma flaring up with the cold ( I now think this was the chicken pox virus, and could have ended up being and admission if it had been left too long) I consulted 2 dr.s when the spots appeared and they both said it is only people on long term steroids (every day) that are at high risk of the complications involved with steroids and chicken pox. Then didn't give him anything. As it was he was fine and the spots are now scabbed over. For us chicken pox has been mild other than the asthma flair up in one of the 3 boys, obviously you must consult your dr. when/if she gets chicken pox and the vaccination does sound like a good idea, but I just wanted to say she may get it and be fine with it. Hope this helps


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