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chest infection

hi guys. just a quick post to keep you all up to date - michael has a very moist cough at the moment and we have been squeezed into clinic on friday. i have to try to get a sample of sputum from him, which is harder than it sounds as he swallows it automatically. they said that its not a problem but that theyd rather know straight away whether to give him antib's than wait a week for a couhg swab to culture anything!! physio helps him cough but he doesnt tend to bring it up. any suggestions? hope all the kids are ok

also, for those who are taking azithromycin, do you make it up yourself and if so, is it norml to take absolutely ages to mix up? i end up bashing it off worktops and stuff to try and get it to mix!!! i just want to check if theres a nack to it!!!!

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Hi, sorry to hear Michael isn't too well. It's so hard getting them to bring up 'muck' without swallowing, Sean has only just mastered that one and Michael is still very young. Previously at the RBH they have done something called induced sputum where you have saline nebs and then cough it up but that wont help the swallow problem. I hope things go well on friday and you can get the right treatment before he goes further downhill.

take care

julie xx


weve been to clinic today and we have been told to give him the azithromycin daily over the weekend and then go back to mon, wed, fri next week. they have reduced his pred though which is a bit weird considering his cough but its the docs decision. we'll see how it goes. hes got a temp this afternoon so ill keep an eye over the weekend!we didnt get sample but they did a cough swab anyway so we know whether the azithro will do the trick!


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