Special Needs Pushchair?

hi as you all may know ty is 4yrs we still uses a pushchair some of the time,but we get funny looks and get told"" he should be walking all the time now""(but he gets breathless) as he is now getting to big.i heard today that if you get dla you can get a special needs one!has anyone heard about this or know any way of getting one?help help let me know as he is using it alot at the mo.

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  • Mothercare sell a special needs pushchair by Mclaren its about £200 i think.

    Do you have support workers or help from portage etc? They would be able to help you further or advice you on grants you can apply for.

    I would speak to your GP/health visitor as he's not yet 5.

    By the way lots of 4 year olds i know still use a normal pushchair for long distances/shopping rests even without asthma.

    Hope that helps

    Mum to twin 4 year olds who still use a double buggy sometimes


  • You may be able to get an OT (Occupational Therapy) assessment and they may be able to provide a suitable push chair for your son.

    Worth a try! they may provide something that looks less like a pushchair and that will also save you the funny looks too!

    BTW my friend, also a Brittle liked her daughter in the pushchair as she had something to lean on & support her!


  • I've bumped a thread on general forum about this from a couple of years back.


  • fwiw my 4.5yo still goes in a pushchair if we're going to be somewhere busy or out a long time. ok, it helps she's about the same size as a 3yo!

    her asthma seems to have ""cleared up"" now she's older but you can tell it was there as a babe whenever she gets a cold.

  • Hi there

    My daughter was 3 when she was refferred to the OT at our hospital for a special pushchair. We got the refferral through our consultant and she was given a Maclaren Major pushchair.

    Its a basic looking pushchair that claims to be able to hold up to a 10 year old child. I really have to say though that its the best thing we ever got. I dunno why, it must be the design or something but it makes pushing Holly so much easier than an ordinary pushchair and she's 5 now. It used to be awful to try and get her old pushchair up and down kerbs but with this its so much easier.

    I really would highly reccomend it and that you see your GP about a refferal cos as was said before they do cost £200 out of mothercare.

    Hope this helps



  • hi just to let you know i have spoke to ty's health visiter, she has spoked to the ot thay has said he can have one.so health visiter has put it in writting.

    how long did it take for your pushchair to come?or the ot to get in touch?

    we are going on hoilday next month so i would really like it for then if poss

    take care

  • just a quick one!how long did it take for you to recive the special needs pushchair?

  • Hi there

    We seen the OT within a fortnight of being referred and got the pushchair a week after that. I think thats about standard for where we live but if you phone the ot direct they may be able to hurry things along for you.

    Hope you get it in time



  • update

    hi everyone hope you are all ok, just to let you know ot came out today we should have a pushchair within the week.do's anyone know where you can get bits for it eg raincover...... any cheap sits or ideas?sorry for spelling i'm a little tried at the mo.thanks for the info so far.

  • hi all hope you are all ok?we have just recived the pushchair,its so easy to push its great! do's anyone know where you can get a raincover for it, or if a normal buggy raincover will fit.thanks for all your help with this.stacey

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