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my two year old son diagnosed with probable asthma

Hi I hope that someone can offer some advice! My little boy who is 2yrs 2mths has been diagnosed with PROBABLE asthma. He has had a nasty cough for 4mths now, I have taken him to the doctor 3 times before today but just told not to worry, some kids cough, that he hasn't got an infection and he will get better. Finally, I went to a different surgery and saw two new doctors, they were both pretty sure he is asthmatic and said that it should have been metioned before :-I . You can chase him around but after a while starts coughing like crazy, other than that fine during the day but at night he coughs constantly and has done for past 4mths (he slept soundly 7-7 before then). They gave me a prescription for a blue inhaler and a tube with the mask on to take 'two puffs, four times a day' and see what he is like in 2 weeks. He is very good at taking the inhaler but I know nothing about asthma and neither does his father as it does not run in our families. Since then (monday) I have read that dust is a trigger. My house is spotless but I have gone cleaning mad, bought anti allergy bedding, toys in freezer, allergy assc approved dyson, ecover natural cleaning materials, banned airfresher/plug ins/aerosols etc... anything that may cause it. My other half says I am going OTT, am I? The doctors didnt really explain much but I am terrified he will have to take steroids and I know from kids I was at school with asthma is scary and stopped them in sports and doing a lot of 'normal child-like' activities. Any advice on a good book aimed for ill informed parents about toddlers suffering from asthma? Thanks,sam

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Hello! my son who has just turned 3 is also diagnosed with probable asthma - mainly based on symptoms and the fact my daughter has been asthmatic since she was 18 months (she is now 8). There was no asthma in my family either and I had no idea what was happening when my daughter had her first attack - especially as she does not wheeze. It is scary but this website - in my opinion - has been my best find. Although I have only just started posting I have contacted the nurses in the past and just looked on the site and it has been a great support. With regards to your worries about him doing normal things when the asthma is well controlled your son should be able to do everything a ""normal"" child should. My daughter does PE, gymnastics and school trips etc. Most of her friends don't even know she has asthma. She is very sensible and always takes her medication ( with reminders!!!) My son is just on ventolin as needed and always running around! If you are ever worried I would ring the GP or asthma nurse if your surgery has one?

The steroids - if needed - are usually inhaled and are very small doses and very safe. With cleaning and dust etc I do the same - I don't know how much it helps but I feel better because I feel those things are not making her/him worse!! For information on asthma this site does have a section where you can order booklets etc which are great. Hope this all makes sense! Tina.


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