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Caught between Gp and Cons

Hi Everybody

Hope you are all well

My little girl (she's 6) had a little bit of a wobble the other day so phoned our surgery for prednisolone. Usually they just leave us a prescription but spoke to a gp who wouldn't prescribe it without seeing her. Fair enough I thought so took her down.

He agreed that she needed it and prescribed it without issue however I had to sit through a long lecture about how he feels her current meds are too high. He said that he believes she is being overprescribed and that he would like me to return her nebuliser to the hospital and stop nebulising ventolin and steroids as he feels there is no need for home nebs.

I kinda argued the point saying if there was no need then the consultant wouldn't have recommended it and authorised the surgery to prescribe her meds and reinforced that we are rarely seen within the gp surgery as we are either seen by the cons or use the open access we have to the childrens ward at hosp.

He said he was going to contact the cons and request her meds be lowered. She's on

Ventolin nebules

Budesonide respules

Serevent inhaler


Citirizine and ventolin inhaler and finished a 4 week dose of prednisolone last month to try an get a better contol of it.

I feel that I'm caught up in the same position I was a couple of years ago. I don't want to fall out with the gp but I trust the cons implicitly.

Anyone else have similar issues between gps and cons.



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My cons and GP sometimes have slight diffrences in advice, but i always take my cons advice as he's a specialist in asthma and he knowes me best. Perhaps you could mention to your daughters con what your GP said, and maybe he could write a letter to your GP explaining that your daughter needs these drugs atm, or if your con feels its appropriate maybe they could look at lowering one medication, tho 2bh if she's needing extra pred I don't think it sounds like she's ready to reduce any regular medication. However saying that oftern we get put on so many meds when we get worse, some of them might not always be working for us, so pointless in taking, tho its down to your con to decide this.

I hope you can get things saughted! and your daughtes feeling much better very soon! ally x x


I have the same problem with the GP and Cons not agreeing though I am happier to accept the help from my GP. I know this sounds weird but our cons doesn't listen to a word I say, in fact thinking about it I have never seen a consultant its always been his registrer we see and she is terrible, doesn't listen won't take what I'm telling her seriously and seems to think that because my son (also 6) has never been fighting for his life in intensive care that he is not a priority. I'm dreading going back there in a few weeks time.


For a long time

we were in exactly this position and sadly it took Alfie to need to be ventolated in picu before the gp accepted that the consultant knew best. We still have regualar battles over azithromycin because its expensive. The hospital have to stress that yes they really do mean that dose of flixotide etc... I hope this gets resolved quickly for you.

Margot x.


hi sorry to hear you are having a hard time i have the opposite problem i was worried about how much meds my daughter was on so went to my gp who said the consultant knew best and are allowed to overprescribe and that there was no more i could do and that now my daughter sees a consultant its out of her control and she cant change it even if she wanted so dont worry about your gp just explain to your consultant as they will understand it more

take care



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