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Anyone kids attend Yorkhill in Glasgow for asthma

Hi all

Hope you are all well.

We recently recieved a referral to see a respitory specialist in Yorkhill in Glasgow. My daughter (Holly, now 7) has been under a paediatric consultant at our local hospital for nearly 5 years now but in all that time her asthma has never been stable for any period over 3 months. he's now decided she's too complex and not responding as she should to any of the meds and has passed her over to the specialists.

Just wondering if anyone has been to Yorkhill an if they know what the doctors there will do there in terms of treatment or tests in evaluating her asthma. She's only been to Yorkhill under emergency transfer when she was very very poorly but the post admission check-ups were always held at our local hospital.




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yorkhill is our local hosp so thats where we have always gone for emergencies and follow up appointments.

in your case I am not sure exactly what they will be doing with Holly.

we attend yorkhill for eczema, asthma, and have an appointment coming up for their allergy clinic (nut allergy)

hope the specialist is able to help.

sorry not to be of much help but we are relatively new to asthma, well had to fight for a diagnosis.

hope the referral goes well


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