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Are your children having the flu jab?

I am seeing my sons consultant again on Monday and just wondered about the flu jab this year. He is now 2 1/2 and last year our asthma nurse said that she wouldn't advise it for him.

But his asthma is triggered by colds so thought it would be the obvious thing to do?

Please let me know if you have had it for your children and if so how old are they and did it effect them?


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My 3 all have it. My twins have a mild egg allergy and last year the gp surgery refused to do it. This year their consultant wrote a letter to the gp and they (very reluctantly) gave it to them.

I usually find it helps. Last year they picked up every cold going and the asthma nurse said the flu jab may well have helped.

They do have to have it in two halves, one month apart if they are under 3 I think. Mine still had it this way even though they are almost 4 due to the egg.

Not noticed any real side effects. Oliver had a mild tummy upset after the first dose this year but nothing major.

Do you know why they are not recommening it. Our were pushed for it really


Sorry just a thought, has he recently been quite poorly? Oliver has had a big chest infection, 2 courses of anti biotics and also 2 courses prednisolne. The gp asked me to keep him off pre school for 2 days after the jab in case he picked anythign up. Coud it be he isnt well enough?


I dont know but last year when I asked they seemed to be really coy about giving it to him the consultant said he couldn't advise me whether to or not and the asthma nurse said that they wouldn't normally consider it for him although he has been in & out of hospital every 6 weeks since he was 10 months.

I didn't take this any further last year because I didn't really know if they should have it or not but if it is quite normal for a 2 1/2 year old with asthma to have it then I will insist.

Thanks for letting me know I can't believe I didn't joined this sooner!


when my kids were younger i used to be the only one that had the flu jab now and since the younger one with asthma turned 5 he's now 8 we all (tha asthmatics of the family have the flu jab) b4 5 they used to say just for me to have the jab mind saying that each year they have a new policy so be advised by yr consultant/gp


My son is almost 4 and has just had his flu jab for the 3rd year. The first one he had in 2, a month apart but I think this is standard for the first year then last year and this he just had 1 shot.

I can't see why the nurse doesn't seem keen for your son to have it. I would rather not have mine get the flu as I know his chest would be *really* bad with it.


My daughter has had it this yr (aged 4 ) and had it last yr too, aged 3. They never bothered recommending it the yr before when she was 2 although she had been diagnosed with asthma we hadn't had a hospital stay at that point. So i think it perhaps depends how sever it is. but yep i'd definalty ask why they are not recommending it for your child? My two didn't really have a reaction, i think she had a cold last yr but its that time of yr anyway!


My daughter had her flu jab for the first time last year at age 4 1/2. She was only diagnosed a few months before and I didn't want her to get flu on top of everything else, as one of her triggers is viruses. As it was her first one she had to go back for a second dose a month later and had no ill effects. I didn't hestitate to take her along this year and apart from a slightly sore arm she is fine. As long as she is offered it I will continue to take her, as having had flu I know how awful you feel.


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