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Trip to the zoo and breakthrough symptoms

I went with my little boy of nearly four to the zoo with preschool yesterday. Most of the animals were in enclosures outdoors so I wasn't too worried (as I know that animal dander is one of his triggers). Anyway, within half hour of being there I thought that I could hear some of his very early signs of breakthrough symptoms coming through (squeaky voice, throwing his his voice, heart rate up a bit, tummy going slightly). A close friend of ours, who is the only other person other than me and my husband that can recognise these signs (as she spends such a lot of time with him) also noticed it - and mentioned it to me before I said anything to her - so I know that I'm not being paranoid! Anyway, I gave him his salbutamol and it helped. And he did need it again later on in the day too.

I don't know if I even have a question about this, but thought I'd post it as I was really surprised that even outdoors his asthma was triggered by the animals. It's really brought it home to me. I'm remembering now that when he had his hospital admission before we knew that he had asthma, he'd been to the zoo with his Dad the day before.

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This doesn't really surprise me. I am highly allergic to cats, dogs and horses and I won't go near a horse (even outside) as I know it'll affect me. Same with cats.


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