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asthma uk kick asthma holidays

i i am new to these boards a quick introduction i am karen with 4 lovely little and big darlings 2 of which are asthmatics and live in the south of england

i was wondering if anyone had sent there kids on on one of these holidays and how u as a parent thought of them did yr kids enjoy them

any information would be great my son who will be going is 7 and my daughter is 14

thanks in advance karen mum of 4

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Hello Karen,

I am a bit of a veteran volunteer for these holidays - done 7 of them!

The children really enjoy them selves, learn more about their condition(s), learn to manage and take control of their asthma Oh and have heaps of fun.

Some don't even want to leave at the end! Also, it gives parents a break from looking after the child (ren) and can also help with other siblings who sometimes miss out a bit at home when more time is given to the child with asthma.

There are some Parents here who have had children on KAH!

Hope this helps a wee bit!



PS tried to post this earlier but website ceased up!

copied message before it went do lally! Phew!


hi kate thanks for that i was impressed when i looked up the info

both the kids want to go (omg) and the 2 who will be at home will get my attention for a few days especially the nine yr old bless him he is the one that feels it the other one is just turned 2 so he gets alot when othrs arn't about anyways

rite off to fill application form in just hope i get the one nearest to me cos otherwise i will worry to much

especailly the 7 yr old i think it will help him realise he has to have his meds etc we have had a couple of talks with him with the consultant but well u know wot boys can be like i feel fine and all that

would still like to hear from a couple of parents good or bad about these

many thanks again karen


Seeing as you're in West Sussex (according to your profile), then the one nearest to you will be, erm, West Sussex! Ardingly College, to be exact.

That's the holiday in which I will (hopefully!) be co-leading the 12-and-over age group, and in which CathBear will be lead health professional on the 6-to-11 age group - so if you have any further questions ask away and I'm sure one of us will be able to answer them.


hi steve yes thats rite i was looking at ardingly college one

looks a lovely place after looking up the college grounds amazing

really just wondering wot is entailed on a average day

had a chat with them both last night and they seem quite excited about it so off to post me application off for them both today fingers crossed i get them both in



There are usually three activity sessions per day, although we also try to have two days out off-site (we're planning a trip to Thorpe Park and to an activity centre on the reservoir next to Ardingly).

During the sessions on site we'll go swimming, play outdoor games like rounders and football, craft sessions, treasure hunts, that sort of thing. We also run a couple of asthma/eczema/anaphylaxis sessions which hope to explain about these conditions in a fun way. On the final night there's a disco and talent show - all the volunteers will perform too!


Hi mum of 4

My daughter Chloe who is nearly 11 has been on 2 KA hols and loves every minute of them and is really hoping that she can go thsi yr too. We are also South East England so the Ardingly one will be ideal for us depending on dates(any set yet Pete/cath?)

It really gives them the oppurtunity to try things they might not otheriwse because of their health as well as being very educational but in a fun and interesting way and Chloe is certainly alot more compliant after the holidays (unfortunately she needs a good kick again now!!)

Fell free to pm me anytime too.


Hops - dates for the 2008 holidays are:

12-19 July Merchiston Castle, Edinburgh

19-26 July Llangrannog, Ceredigion (12-17 year olds only)

26 July - 2 August Regents Park Centre, Nantwich

2-8 August Corrymeela Castle, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

9-16 August Kingham Hill School, Oxfordshire

17-23 August Ardingly College, West Sussex

We'd love to see Chloe again (though I expect she'd probably be in the older age group now?) - tell her ""hi"" from Dr Cath!


Hi, my son Sean is 12 and has been on 3 or 4 kick A hols and loves them. His school worry about taking him anywhere without me or his dad tagging along so these hols are the only escape he has from us! The forst couple hols Sean stayed really well just came home very hoarse (shouting and laughing too much) and very tired, last year he became unwell on the first day and needed a drive through visit to local hospital. It is always my biggest worry he would be unwell away from home and yet I will never be able to thank the team enough for keeping him safe and keeping me updated constantly. It was a draining week emotionally but Sean wanted to stay and the team made sure he was able to take part in activities and be safe.

Sorry im rambling what im trying to say is your kids will love it, the staff are fantastic and you will get a well deserved break!

Sean will also be going to West Sussex, well he will if he can get a place this year.



awwww e1 is so kind on here thanks for replying u are all stars and so many from the south

after all these years of not knowing about all types of things and my first posting i feel rite at home

thank u

well between u u have all put some concerns to rest

hopefully all our kids will meet up this year fingers crossed they all get in

and hope to get to know u all better

many thanks again karen


My, Ardingly College will be popular this year!

We are very lucky with the medical staff and experienced volunteers we get. Bear in mind that a greater percentage of volunteers are asthmatic than are not, so those ""in charge"" (I use the phrase loosely!) are well aware of the needs of asthmatics, and of what to look out for. They also make excellent role models for the kids - my co-leader has a sub-cut infusion and is on more meds than you could shake a stick at, but she'll be there taking part in everything and showing how you can still be ""normal"" (I use that term loosely too!) if you have asthma.

(Oh, and I'm not called ""Pete""...)


I am hoping to volunteer on the Oxfordshire holiday this year so anyone near there will get me as a volunteer! LOL!

Any takers yet???



Steve my apologies when i was typing i had Chloe in my ear asking if pete (rocket man) would be around this yr. Of course i know you are Steve :)!

As Chloe will be 11 which group will she be in?


Depends really when her birthday and which age group she prefers I suppose. 11 year olds usually come into the remit of the ""littlies"" but some ""older"" 11s have gone up to the older age group.


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