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3 puffs of Seretide 50 twice a day??

My ten year old dd saw the doctor today for a chest infection. We have the usual Amoxicillin to take but he also said to take her Seretide 50 inhaler up to three puffs twice a day instead of her usual 2 puffs twice a day (via spacer). The leaflet in the pack doesn't mention 3 puffs even in a fully grown adult! I can see there being some benefit in giving her regular ventolin (before her regular Seretide dose and every four hours through the day) but I'm loathe to give more Seretide than the leaflet states.

Has anyone else given/been recommended that large a dose to their child? Would it be concidered safe??

Many thanks in advance

Jacqui (having a rough run of it of late)

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Hey :)

i wouldnt worry too much about it, personally i have had Seretide 500 twice a day since i was 11 and i am now 18...if your really concerned then maybe pay a visit to your GP or asthma nurse who will be able to give you advice and reassurance on the dosage.

hope that helps, Becca


I do not know about childrens doses but as an adult I have been told that in difficult times I should step up to 4 puffs of seretide 250 twice a day. However this was suggested by my consultant who as I undertsand it can make a decision to prescribe over the standard dose up to a limit. The nurses at by GP's practice are only allowed to prescribe 3 puffs of seretide 250 twice a day. I would imagine that the consultant/ doctor can do this with childrens doses as well (with a lower limit).


Thank you both for your replies. I'm happier to give the extra puffs now. I'm just so used to doctors being, well, kinda useless, that I'm inclined to doubt check a lot of what they say!

Thanks again



Hi Jacqui, I know it's a scare when you read the information leaflet that goes with the medication. It really is worth doing as hopefully it will keep your daughter of oral steroids which are usually given in high doses and can have worse side effects but are great when needed (probably the next step the doctor would take after this). My Son who is 10 in 3 weeks is on seretide 125x3 puffs am and pm and a year ago was on 250x4 a day am and pm. It taken a year to get him down to this level as he has severe and difficult asthma and the medication has saved his life.We always up my Sons medication when he has a cold or struggling with asthma (sometimes it's doubled). It's our first line of defense along with ventolin 4 hourly). If you are worried call the asthma helpline, they are fantastic. This is the normal route your Doctor is taking.My Son is tall and other than asthma is healthy, happy and loves his sports. We've not had any problems with meds, he's also on montelukast tabs at night and bricanyl.

I hope thing get better if not don't be afraid to get help. I know it's a nightmare, going through it at the moment as we all have colds which sets of our asthma, we have 3 asthmatics in the house and we feel dreadful. I need more sleep

Take care



I think some of the problem is that a, a lot of the doctors we come across don't seem to know what they are talking about with my daughters health (complicated by multiple allergies) and b, I've had some unpleasant run ins with health workers of late. From having an NHS Direct nurse almost accuse me of Munhaussens by Proxy (and, yes, I did complain) to one gp who basically told me my daughter was making up stories about her throat being sore before he'd even looked! Rocked the little bit of faith I had in them and now I'm cautious about asking for her to be seen incase they view me as some kind of nut. I'm happy to wear my Over Anxious Mother badge but Munchaussens doesn't sit so well:~/ That said, having waiting all day for a call from the duty doctor, and with a child in the house suffering with boughts of breathlessness, I wasn't afraid to call and just tell them ""I'm bringing her down and you will see her!""

Sorry. I'm on the wrong thread for a rant aren't I? It all just winds me up that every exacerbation has to be such a battle.

Thanks again gang.



Yep I know what you mean. I was called paranoid, this was by the doctor who missed my Sons pneumonia. She nearly killed him. We also get told Son is putting it on and they don't even listen to his chest!!They take more notice now as I show them his chest which is now deformed because of asthma, his spine also curves after severe attacks.He also has black rings under his eyes.I have very little faith in most doctors, theres only a handful I actually trust, bad isn't it. Paramedics have been fab, they carry nebulisers and oxygen, often need when things spiral out of control so quickly. My Son has no allergies and he quickly deteriorates, sometimes with little warning and fantastic peak flows.Sometimes he bounces back quickly but not always. A very wise consultant who was retiring once told me that "" you will go on a journey to hell and back as your Son doesn't wheeze, but always remember you know more than the doctors about your Sons condition, you live with it, don't be afraid to fight for your Son, in his eyes you are the consultant"" My Son tells me when he is ready for hospital which really helps, he knows our limits. It is so wrong we have to do this, just keep on in there and keep fighting, no-one else will do it for us. If you have anyone who can go in with you and back up your story. I take my Dad with me (he lives 80 miles away, but will do anything for us),taking my hubby is a really bad idea my hubby would get us banned from the surgery or hospital.He just doesn't trust them and feels such anger. I got told by one doctor I couldn't use the word chronic, as that's a word you use for old people, GOD HELP US!!! Sorry rant over

Just look after yourself too please, I didn't and have learn't the hard way

Take care



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