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New to this site Our son James

James is our beautiful little boy who is three years old, and has always suffered with a poorly chest. He has been diagnosed with asthma for approx 2 years, he is under a consultant who is excellent. He is on pulmicort LS and we have home steroids (prednisolone) if they are required and montelukast. James has spent a lot of time in hospital usually for one or two nights but last year we were in and out of hospital approx every two weeks through the winter. This year however he has been much improved. James asthma is brought on by viral colds etc, before Christmas we started giving him montelukast 5mg which gave him terrible nightmares, he had trouble sleeping and was not like our little boy however his wheezing had completely stopped. We have now put him on 4mg and he is back to his old self and his asthma is fingers crossed much improved. He is generally very fit and well.

Has anyone else experienced these type of side effects with montelukast?

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Hi Kate

I'm glad that your son James has had a better year than last year. Our little boy (also 3) was also in and out of hospital all of last winter. This year he's only had 2

flying visits. His asthma is also bought on by virus/colds etc. Ollie's has 4 puffs of becotide (50) twice a day - salbutamol when needed and pred when needed (we also have a supply at home).

Ollie's on Montelukast - 4 mg - I can't say that we've noticed any side effects. Ollie doesn't sleep all night (but never reallly has) - so we've never thought to question the montelukast. He does have nightmares/terrors about 1/2 a week which started this winter (although he's been on Montelukast for over a year). He justs sits up and screams and screams or cries but is usually not awake.

We're seeing our consultant next month so i might ask her about it.

They sound very similar in thier symptoms and luckily both have been well this winter. Hopefully things will continue to get better for both boys!!!!

Take care



Hi Kate

My son who is also 3 has been diagnosed with asthma for about the past two years, he has becotide 100mcgs twice a day, and monketulast 4mg ( which he seems to respond really well too) in the evening. We have had quite a few hospital admissions, but he never wheezes just coughs when he is bad, which is brought on by viruses, colds, etc so winter can be quite a trying time. Luke doesnt seem to have any problems sleeping when hes taking montelukast but not sure if his behaviour is a little erattic!


We've been having similiar with our son - aged 5 - has been on singulair for one month and has become aggressive, irritable, moody, with stomach aches. Also started serevent at the same time. People are commenting on his behaviour change.


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