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New to this need advice

My daughter is 3 and we have resently been told that she has Asthma. At christmas she had a cold that just not got any better, the cough was persistant and was worse at night, My dd has had two x rays both clear 3 sets of anti biotics. Yet here i am four months later still coughing like she smokes 100 a day only at night but also during the day.

I do not give the inhaler as the dr has said wait till i see the consultant in may at the resp clinic, i am literally pulling my hair our, shall i give it have i made it worse, i hoover everyother day, air the house done all the wife tail bits.

Any advice thank you xxx

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We cannot give medical advice as we cannot see your daughter, as it is weekend take her to out of hours and see a doctor there. Please do not leave it any longer, if your daughter has been coughing lots then it needs sorting as it could be another infection.



Take your daughter to the doctor - don't wait for appointment at clinic. It's really important you get her checked - as Plumie says it could be an infection. We've often found the out-of-hours service very good and have been seen quickly. Good luck.


Just want to reiterate what the others have said. Take her to your out-of-hours service. I don't understand why the GP has said not to give her the inhaler if the GP has diagnosed asthma? It doesn't make sense. If she has been diagnosed with asthma then her treatment needs to start immediately, not when an appointment comes through from a consultant. Why did they tell you to wait???? Did they give you a reason? You definitely need a second opinion! ASAP. Hope you're ok soon x


Thank you to you all. I did go to the out of hours dr(who are also writting to my gp), they said to give her inhaler, so yesterday she had it quite alot and she seems better. Her chest is clear, i do find it difficult to give her the inhaler at night as she is asleep and get frightened in the night of the inhaler. but that can be worked on.

Thank you for your replys xxxx


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