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I am pulling my hair out, my 13 year old daughter has only just been diagnosed, well if thats wot u call it.

She had seen the asthma nurse once, whohas set her on a path of medication and diary until Jan when she will she her again.

My daughter has been ill on and off for 3 years now. since the hormones kicked in.

she is failing at school and is constantly getting chest infections....

She sleeps a lot too,

Is there anyone out there going through the same who can give me sum advice/support....

I am at this moment waiting for an appointment from a referral she had to a genereal paed consultant over 18 months ago now.

Because she was getting ill all the time.

I am so upset and stressed that my once lively,lovely daughter is now a depressed,ill sad teenager.


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hi tracyd im sorry to hear tht ur having a bad time at the moment i also know too well how this asthma business effects the childs schooling and how it effects the family as a whole,, im sorry yr having to wait for an appt for so long can u go and see yr doctor again to see if he/she can speed the process up, my son also sleeps alot i think it takes alot out of them can u also see the school head of yr or the senco to see if she can have extra work when she id off and if u or she feels she cant handle a full day at school due to her being ill then ask the school to consider for a short time for her to go in half days......

my son is and has always been off school alot and has missed so much but because he is bright he still manages to stay in top sets and the work he has to do to catch up he finds hard buit does it and puts a strain on him and at times finds it hard but i always try to encourage him to do it and to get back to school as soon as its resonable possible .... if u want to chat ill be happy to try an help u get thru this difficult time regards ruth


Hi Tracy

I'm afraid that I've only ever been on the other end... but as an asthmatic teenager, I suggest that you get your daughter to have a look at the site...

I'm sorry that your referal is taking so long - I can only suggest that if your daughter is still feeling bad, that you could go back to see your GP. My hormones have always affected my asthma, and I think that it's not rare for it to happen. Does she not sleep well at night, or is she just always tired?

I hope that your daughter is feeling better



I too am afraid I've only been in the other end.

I had a year that sounded very similar, one chest infection after the other. What my parents did not do to make things better but i wish they did was to not get down on me because of grades. It was very difficult staying on top of things, and in most classes i did not manage. I think that you should talk to the school, and arrange so that she can work at her own pace if possible, and give her extra time to catch up on work, and that the teachers should be flexible about it. Also, since she is missing lots of school and material taught in school, maybe consider a home tutor that would come home and tutor her in the most necessary subjects? I have that now, and it works very well. I am not a doctor, nor do I know her, but it sounds very much like she is stressed out. I am just speaking from my own experience here, but whenever I get stressed out i sleep a lot, and I do not feel like doing anything. It seems like i become depressed, but thats probably because im not happy. My asthma kicks in, as well as I become more prone to viruses and infections. I think that stress lowers the strength of your immune system.

My asthma and allergies (except for food allergies) all kicked in when I was 12 years old and started puberty. It is a time that is very difficult for most girls i guess, whether they have asthma or not. And with being ill on top of that makes it very difficult.

I think that the best thing that you can do as a parent is to support her and not get down on her for things that you would want her to do differently.

Good luck, and feel free to message me!




Hi there

My sympathy goes out to your daughter. I too was diagnosed just a teenager and its a really rough time. Especially when people keep sending you away to fill out what just seemst o be a never ending peak flow diary and you get very few real answers as to whats going on. Repeated infections are common and more likely in asthmatics but can also be a sign of different respiratory complications so keep on at the doctots if her infections continue. its not much fun but its the only way you can get answers. As you mentioned, her hormones may have kicked in and they have a new cycle every 7 years so she may grow out of it - like most kids, which can only be positive. I personally didnt but have learned to live a pretty active and fulfilling life and now work as a diagnostic radiographer. So theres lots of hope and opportunities still open to her. Try not to get too down in the dumps - easier said than done, and i know I hated hearing that but take it from someone who knows how difficult and stressful it can be. Hopefully this group will provide you with lots of support. Good luck, keep smiling


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