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Flying with asthma


My little boy was hospitalised last week with a severe asthma attack and it frightened the life out of me!

We're off on holiday this Friday and have been cleared to fly. The Dr (who I have to admit was wonderful) advised us to use his blue inhaler just before we board, then after 6 hours and then when we leave the plane (6-8 puffs!) We've also got a short (2 hours) flight in the middle of our holiday and I would assume I would have to give him 6-8 puffs beforehand?

Does anyone have any experience of this? How does flying affect asthma?

Many thanks


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hopefully you won't have any problems. I am normally fine on the outgoing flight but really struggle on final descent on way home I put it down to change in air temp etc. just keep your little ones inhaler to hand and use as needed. Always remember tho if you need to staff on board are normally great and have access to oxygen if needed. I would use his inhaler as the dr said before you board then in 6 hrs if needed then just before you start to come into land due to increase in air pressure. you know your child use it as you think it is needed and have a great time.


THank you for your reply. I never thought about the descent! There's so much to take it (and I've got notes everywhere!)

I've never dealt with asthma before so it's all new and scarey!



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