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eczema probs


just had a 2 week holiday to Alcudia, my son Christophers asthma was ok but, his eczema was really bad. As soon as we put suncream on him his skins really bad, we tried piz buen allergy suncream this time, but no good. In the past we have tried loads and loads of different ones, even ones from the gp but no good, and spent a fortune along the way. Anybody got any ideas, cos son spent most of his time indoors on holiday, to try and avoid having to have suncream on. He is on anti histamines, but they don't seem to help much, with this problem.

thanks shelly

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have you ever tried uvistat? i was recommended in by a dermatologist. i tend to use p20 (a once a day one) now, it might be that as you apply it less it doesnt irritate you as much.


p.s. using patientline and can't seem to do capitals!


Thanks Bryony

will try that cream, hope u got your credit card ready cos that patientline costs a ruddy fortune, what a rip off. hope u well soon

Take care



My daughter has terrible eczema and the only sun-cream I found I can use on her and so far with no reactions is from Boots. It's Soltan kids sun-lotion and it contains Apple. It has moisturizer in it as well. I also put her eczema cream on before the suncream and reply her eczema about an hour after the sun-cream sure if this is the reason she doesn't react or not but it has worked this year so will continue with this and then next year try with out her eczema cream just to see what happens. This is the first summer we have had with no issues with her ezcema so I don't want to affect it IYKWIM


I too was going to suggest emolient before the suncream.

There are some PABA (?) free sun creams on the market but I can't remember the names.

Also, have you tried the National Eczema Society?

eczema.org/factsheets.html There are some fact sheets on sun creams etc



My son also has problems with sun cream as he has a skin condidtion that causes his skin to be very scaly plus eczema we hada few years when he was like a dessert bed where he just cracked no maater what we used.

We now put double base on and then use either Boots sensitive or p20 but also we do find letting him out in the sun in the UK with no cream helps alot. Also when abroad we used to dress in him a sun suit which was f50 plus hat which helped but at 10 we cant do that now!!!!

Hope you have some luck very soon


pool water can cause irritation

Last year my older two boys wore the swimming vests (like a rash vest but for sun-protection)designed to keep off the sun. We were advised by a lifeguard that the vests absorb the chlorine resulting in causing rashes (rather than prevent sunburn/or rashes). We used the pool alot and then went after a few days to the sea and the salt stung them alot. We couldnt go back to the sea as it hurt too much so we changed this year to go mostly to the sea to protect their skin.

Last year we also used P20 (there is a new formula that blocks both UVA+B) but when their skin was irritated then it stung when we put it on.

This year by minimizing time in chlorinated water (by choosing to go to the sea almost every day) we had no rash or red spots and there was little or no irritation with the suncreams (used a factor 35 and 50 ordinary sunscreen/sunblock)

My youngest has excema (10months- wasnt on holiday in person last year) and we were separately advised to keep him out of the swimming pool on holidays as the chlorine can irritate the skin more. We went to the sea instead and he got regular time splashing in it (quick immersion then back under the sun shade or into his sunscreen tent). We stayed out of the sun by getting up early, leaving the beach by 11 oclock and being home for lunch and siesta and resurfacing around 530 to go to the sea or pool. Worked a treat and we enjoyed the late evenings better as the kids were not over tired...


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