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Asthma injection for a 3yr old

My nearly 3 yr old was seen today. He's on pred every 3-4 weeks plus a heap of other things. He's had extensive investigations and today they gently mentioned the possibility of a fortnightly injection. They were upfront explaining it's not licenced under 12yrs but they have some experience with 6yr olds, and its mega expensive etc etc....

I thought he said NDIGE (I am deaf!) but having done some reading I think the dr was referring to Xolair.

What experience to parents have with under 12s with this drug?? Should I be more worried its been suggested or more worried we've got to that point in under 3yrs???


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sorry i cant help with the under 3yr old bit, but i just wanted to say that ive been on two weekly injections of Xolair for a year now, and have had no side effects whatsoever. plus thanks to this i have been able to considerably lower my daily steoid tablet dose, further improving the side effects experienced with these. hope this is a reassurrance and an encouragememnt.


Hi Ruth, This has come up before but I cant find the post. It was a very similar question to yours. I think the gist of the replies was that whilst Xolair is not licensed for young children it has been prescribed with some success.


I also have no experience of Xolair in a child so young, but am on Xolair myself. The verdict is out on whether its working for me, Iv been on it a few months, but I did alot of research (in a health field myself) before I got it and it really does appear to be having some very good results. Iv had no side effects and I know in my hospital they have only had one or two issues with patients (but no severe anaphalaxis type reactions).

It might be worth looking around esp for American web pages, because the populations so much bigger it might be easier to find someone with a child so young on Xolair and find out their experiences.


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