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Peak flow

just a quick question about peak flow at what age do they recommend you check your childs peak flow at home? might seem a silly question but my son now 13 was given a peak flow meter at 8yrs old, my daughter now 11 was given hers at 10yrs old and i've just taken my 9yr old for his asthma check and i asked the nurse and all she said was he's not old enough yet! I've been dealing with asthma in my children for 10 years and i'm more confused than ever at the moment, hope someone can help

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Hi Jess76

My son started using a pf when he was 5, I was told before that age they get confused with you asking them to blow out rather then breathe in but once they are about 5yrs old they are old enough to manage this!


My son (now 14) started using PF at about 4. You can always buy a PF meter at chemist and measure your son's PF anyway - dont need a nurse's permission.


thank you I will be getting in touch with our Asthma nurse in the week, we have a new nurse and we seem to just be getting rushed through the asthma check ups I might ask to be seen by someone else


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