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Coughing and Chest congestion

I know this may sound a little dim but Im wondering whether all asthmatics get chest congestion with flare ups?

My Daughter (aged 15mths) has alot of episodes of congestion which subsequently turn into a flare up requiring pred. She coughs alot at night to the point of regular vomiting.

Why has she got what sounds like a non productive cough and yet her chest is noisy? Is this common?

The consultant wants yet another chest xray to determine whether she has any underlying causes for this asthma. She hasnt got cystic fibrosis as my husband was tested a while back and was clear.


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yes i get alot of mucus when i have flare ups, but i also have bronchomalacia and structual lung disease. i have to do physio and nebs every day to keep my chest clear. i get infections alot too. so i dont know that my over productive lungs could be caused by my other problems or my asthma. has she had a sweat test??? cuz i had to have one of these to make sure i did not have CF. sometimes the airways are so consticted the mucus cant get up them and thats what causes the dry cough but with the noisy lung sounds??

Hope she gets well sooon and hope this helps a little



Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

Sorry to hear you have to suffer so much.

It was questionable whether my daughter would need home nebs but I was told as she was so tiny, they'd rather her be in hospital than have it at home.

We're in the process at the moment of waiting for someone to show us how to rid her of mucus and hopefully the next appointment on 15th Feb should shed some light.

My concern was that her coughing and breathing problems were due to something other than Asthma maybe and that her diagnosis was a quick one and possibly wrong. She often doesnt wheeze and just becomes short of breath and coughs until she is sick.

Does anybody know a reason for this?

Why is she not evidently wheezing yet still struggling for breath?

Im so looking forward to the day she can tell me exactly how she is feeling.

Thanks once again.



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