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hi, just wondering if any parent has experienced a problem with their child having the MMR.

my little fella is due to have his second part of the jab, but he had a reaction to the first one so we are going into hospital to have it done.

hv has said they would not give it to him because the second reaction is likely to be more serious than the first.

im a little concerned about this and i am just wondering if anyone's child reacted to the first but had no problems with the second.

it's just worry after worry as he is also poorly again with his 4th upper resp virus in 2 months.

it would be great to hear from you.

helen ( jakey's mum)xx

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Hi Helen, We agonised over the MMR in the wake of the negative publicity 12 yrs ago, also our son reacted to all vaccinations as a baby. In the end we obtained the single measles vaccination and our son just had that (reacted to it as usual!). Then the plug was pulled on the single vaccinations. In 2005 (with great trepidation) he had the MRR and much to our relief there was no reaction at all. He had the second MMR a few years ago, again no reaction.

I dont know how old your son is but I waited until my son was a bit older and stronger. Also, I had them done in summer hols so if there was a reaction at least he wasnt missing any school. They wont give your son the MMR if he has an infection/running a temperature.

Sorry, it's probably not much help but just wanted to say I've been through it all and know how difficult it is to know what to do for the best. But I'm sure whatever you decide it will be fine.


Hiya Helen,

What sort of reaction did he have the first time round? x



hi, he is 4. his first reaction was immediatly and he was covered in hives all over him.

as i said the h/v will not do it in the clinic and he is now going into hospital for it but i just wanted to know if anyone's child had this.

thanks for your reply's




It's just that if he'd had any respiratory symptoms when he had his allergy then you might want to make sure that they're making every precaution - which I'm sure they are if they're administering it in hospital. If he has a known allergy then can they give him something like an anithistamine prophylactically?? Hope it goes ok xx


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