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Becotide alternative?

Hi, I have just been to my local pharmacy to find out if he has any becotide in stock. He has quite a supply but has informed me that once his supplier is out then that is it! so has adviced us to go to gp and get an alternative (still beclomethasone based I assume) arranged. I wondered if anyone who used the cfc type are already using a non cfc alternative and after any feed back (pros and cons) I am alittle dissapointed that the gp didn't inform me of the change in summer when Isaac was well as I would of happily tried others then but now it is getting into the winter months and I am reluctant to start changes as he is respondiong so well to the current inhalers, meds etc and changing 1 may create a blip.

We have an appointment tomorrow and I am going to try to get a few months worth of becotide while the pharmacy has the stock. Not sure if the doc will prescribe more than one but it's worth a try as I would rather wait until sprimg/summer to start any sudden changes.

To top it all off I read some protection spray can from clarkes that said 'do not spray into the athmoshere' so it's ok to have cfc cans which we can live without but not cfc inhalers! I understand that it is better to have cfc free but when a product can not be made cfc free and it helps with life conditions like asthma then surely we can make an exception? lets start saving the planet by getting rid of shoe protection sprays instead!!!

Sorry ended up as a rant

(deep breath, and relaxxxxxx)

Any views on which preventer etc would be great. my gp seems to give me what I want!!!


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Hi there,

Have a look at the threads 'Becotide' and 'Qvar vs Becotide vs Flixotide' in the 'Medical' forum for a discussion of the many alternatives to Becotide.

As you say that Isaac is doing well on beclometasone at the moment, I would agree that it's probably best not to change the steroid he is on. There are several other formulations of beclometasone, as explained on the other threads, including generic beclometasone and a couple of different 'brand-name' inhalers. If you try one and he doesn't get on so well with it - whether that's because he doesn't like the taste, it's less easy to use, it makes him cough, etc - then I'm sure that your GP will be happy to experiment with you until you find one that does suit. If you do find that one suits better than another, then ask your GP to prescribe by brand-name (eg Clenil) rather than generic name (beclometasone) - this will ensure that the pharmacist can only dispense the branded inhaler that you know suits Isaac.

Hope this helps and you find one that suits,

Em H



Have had a quick look and it all sounds 'technical' can't quite get my head round all the info.

Anyway will look into it in depth. Just nervous about any unwanted effects we may get by changing.

I just realised that the info originally came out a year ago about the time Isaac was 1st given becotide so I am not too happy as we could of avoided this by giving him something different from the off! Obviously GPs haven't been doing their homework LOL


Regards the clarks shoe spray - It won't have CFCs in - all non medical CFCs in sprays were banned years ago.

It probably means spray directly onto the shoe and don't use it like an air freshner.




Hi Sarah

Phew!!! Some rant!!!

Ollie on becotide - i'm aware from reading here that Becotide won't be available sometime soon - but not been told by GP.

I know how hard it is - why oh why can't gp's just make it easy (by telling us in advance of changes) and allowing us to imput into an informed decision as to what's best for our children (sorry EmH know you're a dr and i'm not lumping all into one catagory - you've given me some really helpful and informative stuff!!). Although I'm sure you'll be able to get enough to see you through the winter and then make the change.

We're seeing consultant next couple of weeks so we'll ask about it then and i''ll let you know what she says. Not looking forward to changing though as Ollie hates taking the brown inhaler and if alternative tastes any worse we'll be in for hell!!

Hope all goes well with GP.

How's Issac at moment? Hope he's ok.

Take care

lol Claire



Hi Sarah

I spoke to my pharmacist yesterday - they've got some becotide and another called beclamethazone manu by IVAX - it's still got CFC's in it but it's not from what i understood being discontinued currently. It's what Ollie was on originally when he was a baby and had broncilius - but i think it's the same stuff!!! It might be worth asking GP about it as then there would be no problem (hopefully) with changes!!!

Take care and hope all is well.




Got it sorted! GP gave a prescription for enough to last us until about april next year so I am happy now. He understands my concerns regards to changes during the winter as it has taken so long to get Isaac controlled and (touch wood) we seem to have the right *mix* at the moment.


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