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Using the Spacer on my One Year old Son

The doctors suspect that our One Year Old Son has Asthma. We have been given a reliever (blue inhaler) with a spacer. We are finding it impossible to use the spacer on our son. We hold his arms down (not too tightly!) and then spray but he then shakes his head or releases his arms to get it away from him. I don't blame him but I am concerned that he is not taking in his medicine. Has anybody got any tips to help with using the spacer. Many thanks in advance.

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eveyone goes through the same probs when there child starts to use a spacer.try things like putting it on ur face or favourite teddy,or toy.let the child hold the spacer while u spray.make it into a game .have u got the big aero chamber type or spacer with teddies on.i know its hard but tryn make it fun.might not be very reasurring but it does get easier with time and patience.good luckx


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