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Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone could help/ reassure me a little. My daughter, who is 6 has severe poorly controlled asthma, and the consultant has just decided to add uniphyllin 200mg to the mix.

Problem is that it is in tablet form - just had fun trying to get her to swallow the tablet - any ideas/tips to make this easier for her as apparently it cannot be crushed as it is a modified release tablet!?!

Anyone had this medication for their child (have come across many adult s aking it!) Did it help? Any side effects?

Any help/reassurance would be much appreciated

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i take uniphyllin and i am 16 but was 14 when i started it, it works really well for me!! erm maby try popping the tablet into a spoonfull of yoghurt and get her to swallow it???? or jam maby?

sorry i am not much help!!


hope you get better controll of her asthma.



I have never taken this but had to learn to take large doses of Prednisolone from aged 3 onwards!

My Mum used to put the tablets in a spoonful or jam or yoghurt which I would swallow and follow it up with a drink.

Good Luck


First had hayfever symptoms when small. 1960's hayfever tablets were huge. My dad would put them inside a strawberry from strawberry jam.


i was taught to take tablets (when i was probably only 4/5) by putting it on the bac of my toungue, as far as i could w/o compulsivly swallowing or it making me gag etc. then to just drink a whole glass of water and not bother trying to swallow the pills, i just did it by accident! By 6 i could use this to swallow 3 or 4 at a time to save me having to drink loads and spend ages doing it so hopefully it should be manageable, just an alternative to making it taste nicer coz that may still be hard to swallow whole. good luck, hope she feels better soon!


instead of uniphyllin ask your doctor for slo-phyllin. These are capsules that open, with beads in like 100's and 1000's, that can be sprinkled on fodd

good luck


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