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Is it Asthma??


My daughter turned 3 in august. In the past year she has been to a walk-in-centre once, doctors 3 times and hospital once - all with the same symptoms.

I have Asthma myself and know what it's like to not be able to breathe properly, and hate seeing my daughter like it.

She will get a cold (or virus) and get the runny nose and a cough. Then she'll get wheezy and you can see she's struggling to breathe and making little noises as she cant quite catch her breath. Every time i take her to the doctors etc they'll give her the same treatment. 10 puffs on the reliever (counting to 10) every 4 hours, antibiotics and steroids. I admit, it works after a while but this seems (to me) to be a short term solution as it keeps happening every time with a cold. I don't want to have to keep taking her to the doctors every time this happens.

Anyone have any advice?

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You really need to seek the advice of your asthma nurse and get your daughter tested for the condition. Continual visits to the doctor must be distressing for her so finding out if she is asthmatic is important to prevent any more stressful situations. Getting proper treatment and medication will help to alleviate her symptoms and hopefully prevent further attacks.



So sorry your 3 year old is having a rough time. You should confer with your doctor maybe he can help your daughter avoid getting so many colds. But he will at least address your concerns. Its difficult to avoid viruses so let your doctor help you. Take care.



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