tips on how to get slophylin in to a two year old

hi my girlfriends little girl of 2 has got very brittal ashtma, she is very well know at the local childrens hospital, recently started on slophylin granules and we're finding it really hard to get a full dose into her we've tried youghurts but if she gets a slight hint of the texture and wont touch rest of it probly a regular problem but has really got us stuck.

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  • Ask for it in the capsules, don't make a fuss pop pill in mouth and get her to have a large swig of whatever her favourite tipple is and bingo. Worked a treat with my son at 2, he had to have the slophylin and we had to get it into him, so the 1st thing tried on the advice of the of his dr was pop one in his mouth tell him to have a great big drink and we never had any problems at all. Life is too short to be messing around with medicine when they can have pills. The key apparently is to make it seem like everyone in the whole world does this no trouble, its fussing that 9 times out of 10 causes the problem. All my lot were switched to pills as soon as possible, Josh knocked back 2 round (cheap) paracetamol without water the other day, he can't understand why freinds make a fuss, but even I pulled a face at round paracetamol without a drink to wash them down.


  • she actually on the tablet with the granials in side but we just split it as daft as it sounds didnt even think of trying to gete her to do it like we would. thanx for your advice.

  • Ps if her favourite tipple is fizzy fine but we found milk the best thing. Mike was still using a trainer cup at 2 (he was/is a messy animal) but we used to let him have a proper cup for taking his tablets. I have a friend who in order to make sure her child took a big glup used to have a drinking race with her daughter and she took a vitamin tablet at the same time in a lets see who can get their pill into their tummy first type thing.

    The key is make it seem normal but fun and don't get hung up if it does not work and she won;'t co-operate leave doing it that way for a month or so and try again.

    One other thing, if you child can swallow a pill then they can swallow all manner of things and you need to be doubly careful about any medication lying around. There is nothing more scary than getting ""I'm good I have had another pill to make better"" , thankfully it was harmless codliver oil tablet but I am sure if he were not so good at swallowing tablets to make him better he would not have knocked it back.


  • We found the same thing exactly like Bex has said we spent days trying to get prednisolone into my son he threw up the disolvable stuff then we put tablets in eveything from jam to ice cream nothing worked till one day we decided to just give him the tablet. Down in one no problem.

    Good luck

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