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refused treatment help needed desprately!!!

Hi I am kind of new here although I have been reading post for a while.

To start of I have a 6 year old son Will who has brittle asthma

Well today I got a phone call from my partner to say that Will's

School rang and said he isn't well can we pick him up

so I went and got him to find he was in a really bad way, nebs were not helping

So I took him straight down to the hospital to which I was

told we can't treat him he is already on long term steriods so

take him home keep giving him meds and use his nebs,

that was at 2 0'clock its now 6:40 and there is no change in him

he is very distressed sat with his mum crying.

I don't know what to do for the best has any one else had

this before?

Ash very worried

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you need to go back to hospital if things are that bad either by yourself or dial 999 but your son obviouslly needs medical attention


Hi Ash, that doesnt sound right. Either ring out of hours GP and explain situation - they may advise you to take him to A&E - or if you think he's bad enough take him to A&E yourself (or get ambulance). Don't leave it hoping things will improve. Good luck.


It sounds like you need to call the out of hours GP at the very least, but really it sounds like he should be being treated in hospital if his nebs aren't helping. There's a chance the shift may have changed by now so maybe you might get to see someone more helpful. If they try to send you away again ask them to tell you where you CAN get help for Will, surely they can't expect you and his mum to be able to manage him at home when his meds aren't working. Good luck, I really hope Will gets better soon.


Oh dear Ash, did they check his blood gases????? What's his colour like? I'd be inclined to get back down A&E if I was as worried as you. Lx


Either phone out of hours gp or attend a and e. Please remember that if u disagree with a dr's decision u can request a second opinion. And in this case it sounded if you needed one. If nebulisers where not helping.

Please for everyone with a child If your attend a district general or adult based hospital I would ask for a paediatrician to review the child If u disagre with the initial dr.


Hi Ash, this really doesn't sound right at all. I have to assume there has been some significant misunderstanding as I can't envisage an A&E dept turning away such a young child when they are so poorly and nebs aren't helping - if anything they tend to be over-cautious and are more than happy to admit if there is any concern at all.

Please take him back or see your GP ASAP - there really is no other option, I'm afraid.




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