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spoilt three year old. help please!

my 3 yr old son was diagnosed at eleven mths after a chest infection that ended him up in hospital.hes been very poorly with it 4 the last 3 yrs .now hes running round causing caos with everything and evryone because ive let him get away with more or less everything.only ""big"" problem is now were all having to reap the rewards of me being over protective.and nobody seems 2 understand why only me.wot have i done? i thinked ive created a little monster !!! tips please how 2 calm the little monkey down.i have 3 other children being drove mad by his spoilt ""get away with murder"" behaviour.hes even causing me 2 battle with his older siblings because hes making mischeif everywhere and im left feeling like the big bad wolf all the time.help me please.how can i snap him out of it b4 he helps alienate me from the rest of the family.

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Sorry but just because they're weak or sick doesn't mean their not naughty telling a child off doesn't make them have asthma.

Try the Supernanny methods plus sticker charts with all of them

Look at the website be strict stick with the methods for at least 2 weeks and that means everyone including relatives. Stay calm

It does work!

Good Luck with rest of school holidays, definitly most trying time of year


( mum to 3 wheezy monsters including 4yr old twins)


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