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Confused and worried

Hi everyone. I am new to this site but am so glad I found it - I don't know anyone else who has an asthmatic in the family.

My wonderful 9 year old son has coughed for as long as I can remember and gets more coughs and colds than anyone I know. When he was 4, a bad cold took a rapid turn for the worse, leaving him hospitalised with double pneumonia and a collapsed lung. He spent a week on inhalers, steroids, antibiotics and oxygen before being allowed to go home. He was sent for a referral and was diagnosed as asthmatic (even though he never wheezed). We were given Salbutamol to keep to hand as and when required.

He's had numerous overnight stays in hospital over the following years whereby, nebulisers and steroids have controlled the problem. His inhalers were eventually stopped after a final assessment - he had been problem free for nearly 3 years apart from the higher than average amount of coughs and colds.

Just when I thought he was out of the woods and facing a healthy future, three months ago - a heavy cold turned into pneumonia and again we were back at hospital.

So here we are again, inhalers are back. I keep getting conflicting advice from medical professionals. At present I am following the GPs advice of giving my son Beclazone 100 x 2 puffs at bedtime and 2 puffs in the morning. Is this too much? Does anyone else administer this amount? He also has Salbutamol to take when a cold, cough or virus raises it's ugly head. Is this to be taken as well as the Beclazone?

I'm on my own with my son and feel like I'm getting a little over-protective - I love him so much - he is my world! I want to know I'm doing the right thing for him. I would be so grateful for any advice or information. Thank you. Ju ju

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Hi Ju Ju

I too am new to this site, all I can say is I'm so sorry to hear that your son has been hit like this again, I'm here because my 2 year old daughter is plagued by her asthma, I too can looking for answers! My little girl has 2 x 100mcg puffs of Becotide (equivilant) twice a day, so I would have thought that you would be fine with your son being nine.

You are not alone, today i contacted the asthma nurse from this website, she was brilliant, on her advise i badgered my GP this afternoon and now my little girl is on steroids and already we've had a quieter night! RIng the nurse in the morning is was so comforting to talkto someone who specializes in Asthma.

Good luck, keep us updated, ClaireB



Beclazone is a preventer inhaler which means it takes the swelling down in the lungs over a long period of time. So you need to take it reguarly at the set times for it to be affective.

Salbutamol is a reliever inhaler which means you take it when you are having trouble breathing and it opens the airways, it is short acting and therefore lasts around 4 hours. This is the one you take when you are experiencing problems.

Hope that is helpful



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