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2 1/2 year old with seriously bad night cough

i could do with some help / advice / point me in the right direction ... anything really (even a hug would be good)

my son (2 1/2) had Pneumonia in december, he was diagnosed with Asthma shortly afterwards.he is at his worst when he has a cold but has coped very well since April - september (last 6 months) he attends the Asthma nurse and consultant every 3 months and his last check up a three weeks ago was fine. he usually takes his preventer 200mg beclomethasone twice a day and 2 puffs reliever twice a day and is neither up nor down.

2 weeks ago his inhailers wernt lasting him 4 hrs, so we upted them to 4 times a day, then had to up them to 5-10 puffs every 4 hrs.last thursday i took him to doctors as his inhailer wasnt lasting 2 hrs and he was given a 3 day course of steriods which worked almost instantly and antibiotics (i didnt give them as asthma nurse said first line of defence is always steriods)

he was alot better until a few days ago, now we are back to square 1, inhailer is lasting less time now, was more than 4 hrs , now less, about 2 1/2 hrs now. we are up giving inhailers every 2 hrs ish in the night or when he really starts coughing bad again. the poor thing is coughing almost continually now (sounds like a hard cough)and we are up doing it during the night aswell.husband had one to give him more at 9:30, its now 50 mins since and he is coughing bad again. this all has a strange Deja vue about it, this is exactly the time frame of last year and recurrant chest infections and antibiotics before he was rushed to hospital...

today he was pale again, underneath his eyes are purple. its upsetting to see him looking / sounding like this.

he is only coughing when he is asleep like this afternoons nap and definately at night.

WWYD? contact the GP in the morning and demand to be seen, i have an appointment on wednesday that i booked over three week ago , YES, this was the first appointment i could have ....

give him the antibiotic?

keep giving him 10 puffs...

im at a loss......

(currently worried that he is going to end up in hospital again this winter!)

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Hello there, Sorry to hear your little boy is unwell. If his inhaler isn't lasting as long as normal and he seems to be getting worse it's probbly best to get him checked out. Any doctor or nurse would rather you take a child to a and e or out of hours gp than wait if he's needing that amout of his inhaler and the parent feels he's getting worse. You know your child and if hes getting worse get him checked out. Sorry can't be much more help. Hope he improves soon.



'2 1/2 year old with seriously bad night cough'

thanks for your reply

he has stopped coughing just now , thank goodness. lets hope he gets a little rest.

i am calling the surgery at 8am sharp tomorrow and demanding he be seen.

thanks again


Hi I hope you managed to get an appointment with you GP on Monday. I noticed in your post that you haven't given your little boy the antibiotic he was prescribed the last time you went to the GP. maybe that is why the asthma symptoms have returned. I know that I worry about giving my son too much medication but really it is safer to give steroids and antibiotics at the start of any chest infection and stopping any asthma symptoms getting worse. Good luck and it will get easier as your son gets older and you will get to know when he is sickening for asthma or an upper respiratory infection and also he will be able to tell you if he feels wheezy or tight and you can up his inhalers. Take care


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