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how ofter can I give blue inhaler?

Within the space of a year all three of my boys aged 3,3+5 have been put on a blue inhaler for their unconfirmed asthma. The two younger ones have been in hospital a couple of times each and given oral steroids and one of them has recently been put on a brown inhaler having had to have the oral steroids 3 times within a couple of months. Anyway it is the oldest who is suffering at the moment he has never been in hospital with it, and has been given his first course of oral steroids this morning (and antibiotics). About 11.30 he had the oral steroid (spit some out!) with 6 puffs of blue inhaler, then 3.30 gave 8 puffs, by 6pm he didn't look good at all and was very wheezy, tight chested and pulling in in the rib area, I phoned the out of hours dr's and at 6.30 whilst waiting for them to phone back gave another 8 puffs. he immediately picked up and improved a lot. I explained this when they rang back and she just advised to keep giving up to 10 puffs. When I asked how often I can give this she said so long as I left a good half hour it was ok to keep giving it! Is this right? when the twins have been in hospital they say that if they need it more than 2 hourly they need admitting so I always try to space it 3-4 hourly and get them seen if they need it more. is that because they are younger? I was really surprised she didn't want me to bring him down. and even more surprised at being told to administer such a high amount of salbutamol at home!

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If your son is requiring any more than 4 puffs 4 hourly he needs medical attention. He has already had a lot of salbutamol today and he may require it via nebuliser to ensure it is working properly.

If you are ever unsure take him to A&E. As it stands if he is still using accessory muscles to breath then he is in respiratory distress and will need to see a Dr. This isn't to worry you but its always best to be sure.

Good luck.



Thank you, I have only just read your reply this morning. We got through the nigh giving him his inhaler with his steroid and anti biotic. Thankfully he is a lot better today, I think yesterdays steroid must have finally started to kick in. I agree that he should have been looked at last night and possibly admitted, I am still shocked at the advice I received from the out of hours doctors.



I often end up giving my daughter 10 puffs every hour and it can be as much as 10 every half hour. She's really bad again at the moment - think it's the weather. However, I've been told if she's needing 10 puffs every hour she definitely needs to be in hospital - I've now had too many near misses! I've got to the point where I've learnt to catch it quick and end up only spending 2 days in hospital rather than a week!


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