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are these the same pumps???

hi all i wrote in a couple of days ago regarding my son who has got a chest infection, he got to see the pedetration on tuesday for a asthma review, i put his repeat perscribitoin in yetserday and i picked it up today and his brown pump is different the one he has been on is called

beclazone 50 inhaler

the new pump is called

beclometasone dipropionate 50 micrograms inhaler

are these the same pumps cause the box and pump is different

if this pump is different to the one he has been taking can some one plz explain the difference

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I had this once.... (but different strength) I got told it was just a different manufacturer - therefore just brand but same medicine inside, Hope your son feels better soon.


Yes, in short they are the same.

Beclomethasone diproprionate is the actual name for the medication in the inhaler. Beclazone is one of the many ""trade"" names for this medication.

An analogy I tend to use when explaining this is to say that when you buy washing powder, the ""medication"" is washing powder, but the brand name may be different - for example, you may use Fairy, or Ariel, but the basic ingredient is still the same - i.e. it is still washing powder.

If you have queries about your son's medication, don't be afraid to pop into your surgery and ask, as they are better placed to answer your questions more fully.

Hope this helps. Regards,



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