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is this an attack ?????


My son is 8 and was diagnosed with asthma aged 2. It's usually caused by allergic reaction typically pollen in summer. He is on purple inhalor 2puffs 2 a day, singular tablets and antihistimines. Tonight u got winter clothes out of attic and he complained of bein short of breath, gav him piriton, and started blue inhalor regularly. He is stil complaining of bein short of breath and sounds short of breath but not struggling for breath and chatting happily his chest is relaxed. My husband thinks I am over reacting and maybe I am but saw asthma nurse last wk and as he has steriods twice this yr she said we should be careful. Is this an asthma attack ???

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oops! - your not actually allowed to ask for advice in an emergency on here....

If his inhaler isn't lasting four hours I would get an appointment with out of hours doctors, if he becomes short of breath or shows other symptoms take him to a and e, even if it's playing it on the safe side.

If you have any worries or not sure what to do; phone nhs direct for some advice! Also it might be worth phoning the asthma uk nurses on here in the morning (number top left of the page) for some advice.

Hope your sons okay and that you can both get some sleep.




Hi Claire, I would see GP asap to get him checked if you are concerned. Don't hesitate about going to GP - that is what they are there for and it's always better to be on the cautious side. Good luck and I hope everything is ok.


Hi Claire

I have learnt to air on the side of caution, don't worry about feeling like your fussing too much you can never be too cautious with asthma, I hope he is feeling much better today, let us know.

Take care

Clare (also 'clarebear' without the i)


Thank you for all your messages. I am sorry I didn't mean to sound like emergency more frustration of bein unsure. He slept in my bed last night, with lots of checking during night. My husband took him to duty gp today who said chest clear no wheeze, sats good, peak flow good but stil complaining of tight chest and short of breath, he is physically getting out of breath running upstairs. He stayed home today but tonight says he feels worse and is now asleep, breathing deeply. As gp says all ok I don't know what to do. I hav cleaned everything upstairs to get rid of dust.

Just not sure if this is asthma or just his allergy. Anyone got any experience of this ???

Thank you


Bless him. I would take him back to your own gp. And explain everything. Don't worry about annoying gp's by returning. That's their job.

I have in the past been like this myself. Chest clear etc on listening yet find it hard to run up the stairs and takes a while to catch my breath afterwards. It always seems to be before I get a cold. Like a warning sign. Pred seems to always help me when like this regardless of having a 'clear chest'!

So hope you managed a good night.

Emily x


How is your son doing now? I do hope its settled. Better to be safe if your unsure. Take care.



Hi thank you this support is really helpful. He had a better nights sleep again last night in my bed again but I get some rest. I had to work today (started a new job yesterday) my mum had him and still short of breath just sitting playing games, when I rang at 11am he had been using inhalor and still felt uncomfortable. I rang Drs to speak to asthma nurse who is always helpful, receptionist looked at notes and said should see duty Dr, saw him at 12.30 and he prescribed steriods for 5days and antibiotics. He stil not great but I feel so much happier and know he wil improve quickly now. His chest stil clear but gp agreed he shouldn't be short of breath.

Wil put him in my bed again tonight but hope he can go to school tomoor if he improves. Hav appointment for referral back to consultant next wk. I feel his asthma is changing and not improving and it terifies me.

Thanks you wil post in morning with update x


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