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a poem about Our Little boy (WARNING: highly sensitive and potentially distressing content)

As some of you may have already read, we lost our two year old son to asthma this february. i've just stumbled across a poem that my 15 year old sister wrote about her 'Amazing Newphew'. it's so good i wanted to share it with everyone, although it's only words, you'll get to know so much of his little character that we miss so much...

His clutching hands and happy little face,

his kicking legs to keep up with his speedy pace.

Clever little boy pressing buttons on the TV,

Opening the draw for his bob the builder DVD.

Could you belive that at the age of two,

He had more technical experience than his poor grannies knew.

Smelling all the purfumes and putting on lip balm,

into everything but always staying out of harm.

his brain always spinning - his thoughts if only we knew,

His Crazes - Dastardly and mutley, Fire man sam and Doctor who.

He hadn't learnt the words but had so much to say,

it's those little things in our hearts will always stay.

Never let go of his balnket or take out his dummy,

unless it was for food or kisses for his mummy.

He's the only one of us to know how it feels to be free,

his biggest hero- a fireman just like his daddy.

Black and white paintings hanging on the wall,

His beaming smile would bring colour to them all.

His gleaming eyes and beaming smile brought light and warmth from birth,

if we could learn from Cameron we'd see what life is worth.

But wha's this of was and did? hi is and will go on,

his jumping and dancing, he'll always be having fun.

He's not just in the past or in the history,

he soul is in the present and eternity.

They'll always be this light at the back of my mind

and i'll know it's cameron going on to shine.

I love that beautiful boy - he means so much to me,

there's a lock on my heart and he'll always hold the key


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Hi there gbrown,

Just wanted to say again, so so sorry for your loss. What a special poem.

Take care,

Em H


That bought tears to my eyes......

I've walked in your shoes as our eldest son passed away when he was baby. You will never ever forget but you find the strength from somewhere to come to terms with your tragic loss.



What a lovely poem and I am so sorry to hear of your loss and send all our sympathy and love to you from Eileen & Sarah (Sarah my daughter has asthma).

I hope that things start to get easier for you.


That bought tears to my eyes aswell i'm so so sorry for your loss.i bet he will always be looking down on you.i you ever need to talk pm me please.take care xx


That brought tears to my eyes too.

(((((for all your family)))))

Once again so sorry for your lose.

Sarah xx


sorry to hear of your lose . wow what a wonderful poem it brought tears to my eyes . my thoughts are with you and your family at such a difficult time

love and hugs

tinx xx



that poemwasso touching

im sooo very sorry for your loss

i lost my younger sister kerry aged just 23 three years ago to asthma and icare4 her son who is 5 and also has asthma

people just dont seem to understand how much of a worry this disease can be and how distressing it can be at times

ihope you are all coping ok and i know you dont know be but if you ever feel you want someone to talk to you can always msg me sometimes its easier to share your pain and anger to people who arnt so close if you understand what i mean

take care and god bless

and hopefully hera from you soon



Thank you for sharing that poem. A friend wrote a poem for us after our baby daughter died 19 years ago, not from asthma. It is tragic when any child dies no matter what the age or cause. If you want to pm me, do. Ange


Thinkin of u x

Such a beautiful poem, can't even begin to imagine what you are going throu we r all thinking of u.

love & hugs

midgie, matt & alys xxx


Just joined today - i am so sorry for your loss - my son is nearly two and has bad asthma - i was in tears reading for your poem - i can't begin to imagine how you are feeling.


im so afaid off this kind off thing happening to my baby and other babys this post has brought a few tears to my eyes im so sorry for ur loss its truely awful and cant imagin wat ur going thro and hav gone throw ,,angels will be takeing care offhim now ,,our babyliam 9 month old was diognosed with asthma 6days ago and im finding it so difficult xx take care worm thorts are with u .


god bless ur little boy

that the 2nd time ive read ur poem 4 ur little boy and it overwhelmed me more this time than the fisrt.i cant imagine life without my kids u must be so brave.take care of urselves.lisa .x


just read ur poem again and it brought me to tears again so sorry for ur loss take care


I just read your poem again and again it gave me goose bumps. I am so sorry for you sad loss I honestly dont know what to say just take care and i am truley sorry for what you have gone and going through my heart felt wishes to you and your family KA xxxxxxxxxx


so sorry for your sad loss

lovely words


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