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one thing after another

sorry for not posting in ages! its been a mad few weeks

Michaels breathing is same old same old, even with the azithromycin (he seems to be coughing ""drier"" now though)

About 3 weeks ago, he passed out at home aftrer complaining of chest pains. ambulance was called but by the time we got to hosp, he was chirpy as normal. ecg showed slight tachicardia so they reduced theo by half (it was the high end of normal) this was also in preparation for the effect that azithromycin on levels.

he was fine overnight but then a few days later it happened again without the ches pain, he just collapsed in bed and started mumbling incoherently, shaking etc. lasted less than a minute and he knew who i was after so i just contacted GP in morning after keeping an eye on sats and HR overnight.

Then again last week, he literally toppled over while colouring a book, only for 15-20 seconds, then he was awake but drowsy.

hes getting an eeg in the next couple of weeks to see if theres any abnormalities. this worries me more than the breathing issues cos i know how to cope and control them, unlike this!

i know this isnt an asthma issue but i need to let it out, been worrying me for weeks!hope the kids are doing ok (and that any investigations give you the answers that you need!)

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Kirsten ,

I was starting to get worried when we hadnt heard from you.

Sorry to hear Micheals having problems albeit of a non resp kind, fell free to vent whatever u want we are here for u wether its asthma or not as far as im concerned. I hope u dont have to wait too long for the eeg, its sounds like the antibs are helping him tho which is a +.

Chloe is okish at the mo, have started her antihist now as she was sneezing far to much for 2 weeks and its now stopped but when i forgot she started again ,her chest is a barking cough at the mo but shes ok so thats the main thing.

Sending u big hugs


Sorry to hear things arnt quite going to plan .. I hope they get to the bottom of micheals blackouts, I can imagine how scare both himself and you are as a sufferer myself. Please do keep us informed of any progress and untill then you are all in my thoughts xxx

Sharyn xx


thanks for the kind words folks!

he hasnt had another one since last week which is good!

his chest is OK at the mo (well normal for him which is good!)

im taking him to yorkshire in a few weeks to visit my gran - the local hospital have our details already!!!!! just in case!

i'll try to post more often now that im a bit calmer - was totally paranoid about leaving him anywhere but its not like i can stop it happening til we actually know what it is! hes at nursery just now, picking him up soon though!

He actually managed to walk all the way (nearly) to nursery the other day, its about 200 yards and he didnt need his inhalor til we got there. i was so proud of him. took us about half an hour cos he kept taking a seat but he hasnt managed that in a while. had to carry him home though cos he got over excited!!!!


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