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my 6 year old daughter

we have decided to go on holiday. our 6 year old has severe asthma and is on 2 inhalers,2 different tablets plus perm antibiotics,also she has a neb and prednis which i ad in whenever she needs. i need help in finding out what i can take on board a plane because it will all have to come with us, preferably i would like to take it all in the hand luggage just in case anything gets lost but ive been told they can be quite strict.

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I take quite alot of meds not just for asthma including a nebuliser and i flew early Dec.

I went to Gp to get a Drs letter that stated that i needed to carry all my meds with me in my hand luggage and i had no problems at all the only downside is that you then cant carry other things taht you might need.

Hope this helps.


hello. my daughter is 8 and we recently went to the us during the very strict hand luggage restrictions - she is on 3 inhalers and singulair and cetirizine. it really depends on your airline ( we went virgin) they let us take one of each inhaler and the tablets we were not allowed to take the spares - we had to carry those in the suitcases. I also took the original of the repeat prescriptions in case the luggage went missing and we needed more in the states ( and I packed one inhaler in each suitcase!) I can't advise on the nebuliser i'm afraid and I think to be on the safe side it is best to contact whichever airline you are travelling with. on the way back the us customs were very good - at the time they were banning liquids but my son had a temperature and I needed calpol - we just went to a seperate desk and it was all cleared - they were very helpful both ends about the inhalers.

i'm sorry if this is very long winded and hope it all makes sense!!!


Toni - i meant to say its always wortyh getting touch with the airline to find out individual rules. Good luck


Hi there Toni,

I flew in December and took 3 inhalers, singulair, clarityn, pred and anti biotics in my hand luggage no probs. They commented it was like a chemist but that was it. Hubby had to carry everything else tho as they took up most of my hand luggage! i also put them all in a clear plastic bag and handed it to them rather than letting them scan it so they could see it all.

Good luck.

Cal x


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