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A BIG Thank You to all at Ardingly KA

Just a BIG thank u to all at ardingly ka hols this year kids and volunteers

Joe and Shauna have come back full of it they loved it even more than last year

they have had a brilliant time

Shauna especially doing stuff she would never contemplate doing whilst with me these hols really seem to bring her out of herself

Joe i hoped he behaved he can get a bit hyper lol but shauna reckons from wot she saw he behaved lol fingers crossed

kirsten - shauna said chloe is a lovely girl u should be proud of her

i hope all the staff had a great time 2 not to many headaches lolol

and a miracle is i think we only left their prescriptions there this year lol amazing as joe left loads the year b4

fingers crossed now that joe has had a big kick to do his meds and nice to see he hasn't lost any meds

a big thank u to all involved even those of u behind the scenes



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I would like to second that, It was my son's first time going on one of these holidays. The whole 2 hours we had driving back home, he could not stop talking about all the fun he had. Thank you to all the volunteers for making sure all the kids had a lovely time. Thank you to Abi who was looking after my son Deagan he could not stop talking about it. Thank you to all.


Hear Hear!!!

Chloe came home on cloud 9 but shattered and even on the way to scout camp she was saying she wished she had a 2nd week at KA!!!

Thank you all for all your hard work and well done to all those who finally got Chloe to abseil - i have failed a number of times!!! Chloe even left for scout camp with inhaler in pocket so a miracle has been worked there - long may it last!!!

Karen Chloe said would it be possible to have Shauna 's mobile if so can you message me pls.

WELL DONE ALL :) :) :)


Well I just logged in to leave a thank you message to all responsible for the Kick Asthma holiday in Ardingly and I see that I have been beaten to it!

This was Luca's first time on a KA holiday and he has claimed it to be his best holiday ever and is already planning return trips every year until he is 16!

He seems to have made lots of new friends, and loved all the activities especially the roller-coaster on Brighton Pier, the ""surprise"" water fight, the science experiments (especially the “”bomb” making!) and the talent show.

He has talked non-stop about everything they did and the leaders he met, especially those with the most severe symptoms who still tackled all of the activities with gusto and enthusiasm. Thank you to all of you for all being such good role models to these children.

A few months ago Luca told us that even if tomorrow a magic wand could make his asthma disappear he would not want it to go as it is such a core part of him and his identity. As he said he would not be Luca without his asthma. We found this quite a revealing remark showing how much asthma is such a large part of his life.

Yesterday after picking Luca up we asked him the same question and he replied that this week in Ardingly had made him feel even more that he would not want to be without his asthma. I am sure that seeing adults and other children facing and overcoming the same problems he has faced has helped him develop an even more positive approach to this chronic long-term illness.

To top all of that he is now blowing his highest peak-flow ever.

It can be very hard as the mother of an asthmatic child to let go and trust other people with their care. And indeed not many people are willing to stand up to the plate and take that responsibility. This means being excluded from birthday parties, sleepovers and school trips. But for this one week Luca had a chance to embrace every activity offered and to feel secure and safe whilst enjoying time away from us. It also gave us an opportunity to let go and let him fly the nest for a short while knowing he was safe and happy.

So thank you form the bottom of our hearts to all who work throughout the year putting together the holidays and to all those who gave up their time to volunteer in Ardingly.

Kind regards

Sophie - Luca’s mum


yep totally agree kirsten shauna and joe were both asleep yesterday afternoon

and both wanting to go back see i am not good enough for em now lol

must admit i didn't have to tell joe to pick his inhaler up when we went out earlier miracle lol

kirsten i will message u the number shortley

hope chloe has a great time at scout camp

hopefully we off camping for a couple of days in just over a weeks time just b4 they go back to school just trying to find a site now

i tell u all u volunteers/staff u have a special quality getting these kids to do things they don't usually do/want to do




Just got back home after spending the night at a more southerly-located volunteers - on behalf of all the KA Ardingly volunteers, thanks so much for these messages.

I think everyone had a brilliant holiday and as always it is wonderful to see the kids all getting stuck in! An important part of the holidays is for the volunteers - no matter how severe their asthma - is to ""lead by example"" and really get involved, so it's great to see that the kids take this on board too!

It will probably be of no surprise to you to hear that most of the volunteers were asleep yesterday afternoon too!

Hope to see all your children on KA next year.

Dr Cath


hi sophie

glad lucas enjoyed himself joe told me he and lucas was talking

its amazing how they all enjoy themselves and makes so many new friends



I glad everyone seems to have had a fantastic time. This was the first holiday that I've managed (although the leaders gave me the honour of hosting the talent show!), so it's great to know it went well.

A big thank you to all of the kids, and all of the volunteers that make these holidays such a great - and useful - experience.


I would like to add that it was a pleasure volunteering once again this year as the kids were just fantastic. I look forward each year to the holidays and this year was just as enjoyable. I was with Luca on the rollercoaster ride, but I can't say I enjoyed it that much - it was a bit of a bone shaker!!!

I look forward to seeing everyone next year.


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