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Nervous about daughter going back to school

Hi All,

My daughter - Maya, 6 was diagnosed as Asthmatic over the summer hols. She kept complaining of stomach aches and coughing a lot at end of last term and teachers just ignored her and told her to carry on with what she was doing. Took her to nurse and has been put on preventer and reliever inhalers which have been working although the last few nights she has been having really bad coughing bouts, does seem to ease eventually with help of reliever inhaler.

Are teachers aloud to assist children in using their inhalers in school - maya is nervous of having to use it in school as none of the other children in her class have inhalers and she sometimes gets in a muddle when trying to hold the spacer and press the inhaler. I have heard from parents in other years the school wasn't very helpful when it came to asthma and don't want her to be scared to say if she doesn't feel too good.

Any advise on how to deal with school would be really appreciated.


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I am a teacher at an infant school and I (and other staff) always help pupils take their inhalers ( if help is needed). Children always use their inhalers under adult supervision. Hope that helps.

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hi, we are trying to get this prob sort for our son who starts school next week,i would say go and talk to her teacher first, at our school teachers cant help but will supervise, which i a bit hard for a 4yrs to uses his inhaler as he cant push it so talk to the asthma nuse or gp thay maybe able to write to the school or even talk to the school nure for you.we have got a careplan set up now so the teacher can do his inhaler for him as its in writting from the gp.good luck pm in you anymore advise


Have been in to see teachers today and both reception teachers at my twins school happy to give inhaler via facemask to my daughters. They were more concerned in knowing when to give and whether or not the twins are able to tell them when they need it.

The leaflets and information from AUK are really useful when dealing with teachers I would ring the adviceline( number at top) and get the asthma nurses to send some information out to you that you can pass on to the class teacher.


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