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Hello there !!

Hi, My daughter Emily is 11 and has very brittle asthma. She has had numerous admissions to hospital. Our consultant has just referred her to Bristol to have tests etc. They are planning a Bronchoscopy at the mo, plus other things, all a little scary !! Bless her she is coping so well. Her asthma attacks come on with very little warning and we live 25 minutes away from the hospital.

We are at present stuck in the no go area for a neb !! One consultant says yes whilst another says no.

Emily has been on pred since January so almost certainly adrenally suppressed, awaiting synacthen test result. Emotionally she is very low and had enough of being asthmatic.We have both cried more times than i can count. She goes to secondary school in September, which should hopefully be ok as our respiratory nurse, Helen is fab and liasing with the school nurse.

All in all it has been a rough 12 months and it would be great to hear from anyone that knows what it feels like to have a poorly child or to be one !!

Best Wishes

Cathy and Emily xx

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Hi my son Christopher is nearly 11 and is excatly same as emily. Very brittle goes down quickly, loads hosp addmisions. He has adreal supression too

Ann x


hi thanks for the message cathy. I see you have opted not to reciveve private message so can't message you back . Maybe you could give me your email ?



Hi, Sorry to hear you having a bad time. My son Sean is nearly 11 and spent all his life in and out of hospital with severe asthma. He has been on sub cut bricanyl for 2 years now on top of everything else. I understand the steriods worry as Sean has been on daily oral steriods for 8 years and has adrenal suppresion,last week he was started on cyclosporine as a steriod sparing agent as he is steriod dependant. Have u ever considered sending Emily on a 'kick asthma' holiday? I'm sure emily would benifit spending the week with children like herself, they have great fun. Feel free to message me if you want a chat.

Julie xx


Hi, My daughter is 11 and is looking forward to high school in september. I dont think she is suffering as bad as your daughter but i know she would love to talk to her if your daugter ever wants a chat .(msn messenger or yahoo)..even if its about girly stuff! Rebecca doesnt have any friends that suffer from asthma so i am sure it'd be nice for her to be in contact with someone who knows how it feels!

Lorrain x


Are you aware of the KickAsthma message boards specifically there for the younger generation to chat and make friends with like sufferers. This can be accessed from the homepage of this site.


i just noticed this post - have just typed a novel of a reply on the other thread!!!



I'm a little bit older than your daughter....and i don't suffer from my asthma as badly as her... but there's a group of us on Kick asthma who are all near her age... We'd be happy to chat to her if she wants...

Becca xxx


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