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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!!

My son Blake has Asthma, which is controlled most of the time, he seems to have about 3-4 weeks being ok and then a rough couple of weeks, very fustrating!!

Blake is currently having a rough time, we went back to our Gp two weeks ago who has added a medicine for hayfever as she felt this was causing his Asthma to flare up, this helped his nose and eys but didn't do much for his chest. I took him back last Friday and managed to see same Gp, she said this time his chest was clear (always the way) she also said that she didn't know what else she can do to help him as he is on all the medicine he can be??

I thought that there was loads of different medicine for Asthma?

Blake is currently on:

Beclometasone 100 ~ 2 puffs morning and night (Brown inhaler)

Ventolin~ 2 puffs when needed

Montelukast 4mg granules ~ 1 at night

Certirizine ~ 2ml twice a day (For hayfever)

I'm now worried about what would happen if he got really really bad? he's had steroid's in the past.

Could it be due to his age? He's 20 months??

Just wondered if anyone else has had this issue?

Sorry about long post!

Em x

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I would ask to see a specialist as they have run out of options what will they do if Blake gets worse?Matty was on Flixotide and serevent (both adults maximum doses and before seretide), atrovent, ventolin puffer and nebules and oral steroids at 18 months old. There is more that can be done, just need the gps help

Good luck



Thanks Kate,

Blake already see a peaditrian (sp??) as he was born 9 weeks prem! We are due to see him again in October. Maybe our Gp will ask for this to be brought forward?!?

There is a question mark hanging over Blake as some doctor's say he has Chronic Lung Deisese but others say he hasn't as he didn't need oxygen at home, very confussing and fustrating!

Thanks again x


Hi I had steroids injections 12 hours apart for Matty as he was nearly born 8 weeks early, gave me loads of stuff to stop the birth. Was born on his due date in the end but has always had trouble with his lungs. It's worth bringing appointment forward as October is a dodgy time for some asthmatics, I'd get all the help and support before the winter



Hi little em. push for help now for your son. like rattles said oct can be rough for asthmatics, starting from then i can be guaranteed i am in for hell for the next few months and it happens every year no matter how prepared for it i am!! My gp always saying cant do anything more for me so i always deal with con at the hospital, keep on asking for an urgent appt for as soon as poss and get stroppy if you need to. (my area you do!!)

good luck. and hugs to you and your son. Sally xxx


Hey Little_Em,

I'm sorry to hear your son is suffering at the moment.

I have had asthma for just about as long as I can remember and I remember my mum and dad struggling with these same issues. I used to get very frustrated by my asthma attacks, but I remember my mum always kept calm even if she wasn't calm inside, so I have a lot of respect for you.

First off I would strongly advise you read as much as you can. I am sure you have already done this, but if not read everything you can on this site and if you feel like it check out the best practice the doctors are meant to follow on this site: This is the British Thoracic Society website if you put 'brit-thoracic asthma management' into google and you will find the guidelines.

Secondly, although GPs are brilliant and do a fantastic job they aren't the only people available to you locally and due to the way the system works they may not be the most experienced. Consider booking an appoint to see an Asthma nurse, they should be able to advise you on how to help your son to use his inhaler more effectively. This is a top tip since a huge number of asthma suffers don't get right dose because they don't use their inhalers correctly. There are a number of different inhaler designs try and find the one that suits your son best.

Thirdly, diagnosis of asthma can be over complicated, although it is possible that your son has other conditions as well it should be straight forward for the doctor to diagnose asthma. The diagnosis of asthma is discussed in the guidelines I mentioned above. If Blake is responding to treatment most of the time it is very likely he has asthma, but because it is currently poorly controlled he is experiencing good and bad patches. Your son's daily inhaled steroid dose (Beclometasone - 400 mcg/day) is the maximum your GP is suppose to recommend in the youngest age category for asthma management and he is already on 'Montelukast' a leukotriene receptor antagonist. Given this is the case according to guidelines, if your sons asthma is persistently poorly controlled the doctor's next course of action should be to refer your son back to the respiratory paediatrician.

Keep in mind that if he has only been on the treatment for a little while it may take a some-time for his asthma to settle down. The doctor must consider whether the out-come of your son's treatment is unexpectedly bad or in-line with others at this stage of treatment.

Given his asthma seems to be persistently poorly controlled I would push for a referral to a respiratory paediatrician as they will be able to better advise you and offer further treatment.

I hope you see a real improvement in your son's asthma soon.

Best wishes,



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